Author: eliffilyos

Best of MET Gala 2018

Fashion’s most stylish (and stylishly controversial) night has come and gone with in my opinion one of the most exciting themes ever: Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination. To people who don’t know what it is, MET Gala is the opening of Costume Institute’s exhibition for that year where guests are supposed to dress up according to the theme (and not take it too literal), most of which unfortunately fail every year. It’s also a night where Rihanna always wins. Always. For this year’s theme there was lots to work with; embroidery, fabrics like jacquard or velvet, religious symbols, spiritual elements (such as saint and evil), structure, shape and more importantly head pieces. If none of those work for you, it’s quite the opportunity to make a perfect statement like Lena Waithe.

One Lingerie Fits All

When it comes to lingerie, I’m neither a connoisseur nor an enthusiast. Lingerie to me has only one purpose and it is to provide me comfort and shape my body without pinching, hurting, squeezing or lifting any part of it. Laces, chiffons, push ups, modern day corsets, superfluous straps, bows or wires are not my friend. Always trying to figure out my bra size (which is somehow different for every brand, wasn’t it supposed to be a size that works internationally?) or worrying if my bum will fit the panties are also not my favorite daytime activities. My lingerie has to be elastic, invisible, extra comfortable and flattering at all times. But even when I’m writing these lines I realized that I’m asking for a lot, and there aren’t a lot of options out there that provide for these very basic and essential needs. Thankfully I am just recently introduced to Soft Stretch: the seamless, one size fits all, ultra comfortable and minimal line from my favorite French lingerie brand Chantelle. Safe to say I …

Into: Baroque Pearls

I never thought a day would come (before I turn 50) that I’d spend hours and hours lusting after pearl necklaces and earrings but it turns out all it takes is finding out there’s a disfigured, less polished and more rugged option out there: baroque pearls (or nucleated pearls). Thanks to brands like Esra Dandin, Sophie Buhai and 1064 Studio, we now have a lot of gorgeous options to shop from, price range $100 – thousands. Tip: pair pearl jewelry with chunky or delicate metal pieces you already own to make the look less girly and more quotidian.

Best Street Style Looks of PFW Fall 2018

Almost as if everyone knew of the importance of being at last fashion week that will host a Céline collection that came out of hands of Phoebe Philo (it was an interim collection but you could see Phoebe all over it), the streets were like a homage to the designer and the brand that shaped almost every wardrobe of every woman around the world (even if you never owned a piece of Céline, you were a part of the aesthetic she created by wearing pieces of Zara, Mango, H&M or countless other brands and new designers that were “inspired” by her). The madame boots, printed turtleneck tops, pleated skirts, cropped jacket with the “tail” – it was everywhere. Here are my favorite looks from Paris Fashion Week streets, living proof of how much we’ll miss Phoebe. Forever.

A.W.A.K.E. Fall 2018

I’m a huge fan of A.W.A.K.E. (exhibit A, exhibit B) – the very few pieces I own are the joy of my entire wardrobe. They’re all so odd but still so wearable, I feel like they do the job for me when I want add that little whimsical touch to my outfits without trying too hard. I absolutely, unconditionally love this brand. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I’ve already added many items from the “American western meets Russian winter soldier” Fall 2018 collection to my shopping list. Starting with the corduroy suit, cowboy boots and more and more of the asymmetrical, snafued octopus tops! See the entire lookbook over at Vogue and see below for my favorite looks from the collection.