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The Good ACNE

I have two types of ACNE in my life; one I’ve been struggling with for over a year and giving me a hard time, and the other which is my favorite brand in the entire world, delivering season after season. It’s a plot twist in my life really, but I’ve come to accept it as it is.

Before 2018 was over, ACNE Studios gave me a Christmas gift by launching their full collection on Farfetch, one of my all time favorite e-tailers, giving me the opportunity to get my hands on more pieces and more sizes. Starting with these wool beret & scarf combo, tested at -25 degrees Celsius & I survived.

. Grey wool Toronty scarf ACNE Studios via Farfetch
. Grey wool oversized beanie ACNE Studios via Farfetch
. Faux fur long coat Vintage (similar here)
. Black leather boots Balenciaga

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One Mignonne Swan

I know it’s a cliché but swans have been one of my favorite animals ever since I saw The Swan Lake Ballet as a kid (also the most famous park of the city I grew up in was named after them and feeding the swans was a big part of my childhood) and since earrings are the only piece of jewelry that I like “the more statement the better” I literally squeaked when I saw these Mignonne Gavigan swan earrings. They are literally my gifts to my own childhood (who was scared enough to wait until 12 to pierce her ears). They are so perfect that I find myself checking out mirrors constantly.

Mignonne Gavigan is one of the most creative jewelry designers out there, you can always set her pieces apart even in a crowd, always fun and whimsical – like nothing you ever saw before. It’s hard to find earrings that can lift the whole outfit, even the simplest outfit, and still not look too over the top and she manages to do just that with every single piece.

I was seriously torn between the White and the Black Swan (even the Parrot and the Owl were in question at some point – I just realized I’m very much into birds) but the White Swan made the final cut and I love it so much I may want to sleep with them. It will be very hard to go back to boring old studs now…

. White Swan Earrings Mignonne Gavigan

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Ready Set Go

While some people may have problems committing I can proudly say that I’ve not only committed once (to my husband) but twice, to sneakers, which incidentally happens to be the longest relationship of my life. It doesn’t matter if they are the trend of the season or not, I’ve always preferred sneakers over everything, day or night, summer or winter. And because I’m not a trend shopper when it comes to sneakers I’m very picky in choosing only comfortable, cool and timeless pairs: like the Stuart Weitzman SW-612.

The key points making them the perfect pair: extra comfy light suede that makes socks obsolete, the white rubber sole detail that gives it the extra touch, perfect cut at the ankle with a leather-wrapped elastic ruching detail that enhances the ankle (and makes legs look super long and flattering) so on and so forth… They come in 5 colors, either leather or suede and more good news is that these are not the only sneaker design Stuart Weitzman has. Now it’s time to get the other ones and start praying that winter doesn’t come soon…

You can shop the sneakers here.

. Black suede sneakers Stuart Weitzman SW-612
. Comic book & leopard detail coat Prada
. Black satin ruched skirt Aeryne (similar here)
. Black sunglasses Céline

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SW Boot Camp

Anyone who’s been following me for some time (or even people who just found out about me, really) can easily see my love for combat boots. They literally take up more than half of my winter wardrobe, however I never stop there and I keep on wearing them even in summer time. Besides being the most comfortable things ever, they also give me a sense of badass confidence that I can’t compare with anything else.

I’ve already had many different pairs of black combat boots but a white pair had been missing for a long time – I guess I was waiting for the perfect one – and I finally found Stuart Weitzman Lexy. I’ve always loved the rugged sexiness of Stuart Weitzman boots and owned a couple of pairs (including the legendary Lowland), but this one has to be my all time favorite.

I don’t know if it’s the signature SW metal ring grommets, the black long laces or the perfect mid-calf length but I already started wearing it with everything, starting with a midaxi leopard dress and a cropped patent black jacket. My dream fall outfit complete, at last. You can shop the boots here.

. White combat boots Stuart Weitzman Lexy
. Black patent cropped jacket Vintage (similar here & here)
. Leopard print midaxi dress Stylenanda (similar here)
. Black small belt bag Prada (or here)

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