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Free The Minimalist Nude

In you. Or just free the Scandinavian minimalist art lover in you and surround yourself with the beauty of the human silhouette, single lines, ink prints and abstract faces. Thanks to whimsical designs of jewelry artists like Anissa Kermiche or Open House and painter Christiane Spangsberg or illustrator Frédéric Forest, I’m lusting after all forms of abstract minimal art lately, especially nudes.

Laura Guarie

Buenos Aires based artist Laura Guarie is my latest inspiration source, with her retro collages blended with graphic illustrations influenced by European history, art, architecture and design. Still a graphic design student, Laura’s work has been featured on a lot of major design websites and magazines. There’s even an awesome tattoo design in there somewhere, her lines are so on point.

Pauline Suzor Photography

It’s been a long time since I made a post about an emerging, nay fantastic, photographer on TFM. This was mainly because I changed the content flow of the blog a little but also because I couldn’t seem to discover anyone who is offering a new breath of creative air, until Pauline Suzor. After a serious amount of online stalking (I checked the author of a streetstyle photo I loved and saw it was Pauline, found out about her tumblr etc etc) I discovered this 21 year old gem based in Stockholm. With clients like ACNE Studios, Universal Studios and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Stockholm; she is slowly becoming a household name for candidly whimsical editorial & event photography, sometimes enriched with her witty counter lines and playful illustrations.

All I Can Ink About

You know what they say about tattoos: once you pop, you can’t stop. I got my first (and only, for now) tattoo 4 years ago, a small paper plane on my left inner arm and hadn’t thought about getting another one since then. It was simply because that was my dream tattoo and after that I didn’t want to get another one just for the sake for inking my body. But almost exactly 4 years later, my mind is flowing with ideas and I can’t think of anything else. I don’t think I, being a 5’3″ girl, am a big enough canvas for so many gorgeous tattoos. Nor have I that big of a bank account. (Follow my pinterest board for more tattoo inspiration!)

Party Like It’s 54

For years I thought that NYE is supposed to be a day that we should have THE MOST fun. What we are going to do on that night was the cause of big fights among our friends so after a while it became meaningless. Now all it just is an excuse to get together with all my friends who just want to get together. And I don’t care if we are having the most fun at the best party with the most amazing Instagram photos because I refuse to get sucked into this pressure and FOMO. Guys, we already missed Studio 54 days, there isn’t anything in this world that would make me want to be there instead of our small local bar with my friends. The spirit is always up for grabs though; so I wish you a genuinely fun NYE and an even more wonderful 2014 where you always party like it’s 54.