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A Montreal Year

It’s been one year since I’ve moved to Montreal. Last year, after NYE, I packed (almost) (ok not nearly almost) everything I had and moved in with my then boyfriend to start a new life. Without a job, without any French and without any conscious about how cold a winter can be. Now, a year later, I’m married, enjoying the unbelievable cold because I love my life and I love Montreal more than any city I’ve ever lived in or ever visited. It’s brought me so much joy and happiness as well as wonderful new friends, gave me new points of view about life, career and people. So, I would like to dedicate this end of year post to my year in Montreal with the photos of my friend Ali İnay who basically rocks urban photography. I wasn’t with him when he took all of these photos (above 3 is us, obviously) but each one is a stamp to the amazing architecture and carefree life in MTL. I really hope all of you can get …

Lucy Macleod Illustrations

As we (Turkish people) are having one of the busiest agendas ever (the biggest corruption scandal since the foundation of our republic and in return, instead of resigning, our government is interfering with the legal system and disqualifying all the prosecutors who have been carrying out the investigations… you can read about it here) I figured the blog may need something cheerful and creative to light up (at least my) mood. Lucy Macleod is a a Scottish illustrator whose work have been featured in publications like The Times, Nylon Magazine, Marie Claire, The Independent and her customers include Warner Brothers, La Perla and Levi Strauss. It wasn’t always so easy for her though,  she got rejected from everywhere she first submitted her work and got ripped off in her first work with -in her words- “The Shmindependent” (read more here). She studied painting and then found relief in illustration by chance. Her weapon of choice is charcoal when she is drawing from life with precision and ease, then she adds color or collage to jazz it …


Are you sad? Do you, like me, feel an incredible emptiness inside you and are in a quandary, not knowing what to do everyday when there isn’t any major fashion week going on? Do you regret checking Instagram every hour only to see the regular old food/shoe/building shots instead of runway shows and still can’t get over it? Worse part is the surcease of the street style photos we at one point thought were endless, right? Yeah. So here is a reminiscence of the fashion month we just left behind, with 30 photos that best captured the details and wonderful moments from the shows.

Mikkel Vang Interior Photography

Mikkel Vang is a Danish photographer who studied at The Danish School of Photography. Upon graduation he was awarded The Outstanding Achievement Award in Photography,by the Danish Queen (whoa!). Combining the Scandinavian esthetic and the light he found at Australia; he developed a truly unique style of photography. Adding the ability to frame an image and give it the magic of a cinematic moment, was what provided Mikkel with exactly the type of photography opportunities he had been searching for. With clients including Conde Nast Traveller, Starbucks, The New York Times Magazine, Ikea, Ralp Lauren, Vogue Living and such, it’s no surprise that his photos are all Pinterest worthy and mouth watering. Oh interior inspiration, my favourite.

Li Hui Photography

It’s been a long time since I’ve touched my whimsical side; dealing with wedding details made me so much “fluff and glitter” oriented that all I ever searched for was center pieces or head dresses. That was until I stumbled upon Li Hui‘s work; a self taught photographer who uses natural elements and efects such as double exposure and light leaks to express people and nature from her point of view. The fact that you never see any faces is because she thinks people change their faces too fast in the real world and body language is the only way she can know about what’s going on inside of them. An odd and non-profitable thought for someone who works in fashion (that’s me, not her; she’s not a fashion photographer), but I’m in love with the angle and the depth of the photos. I told you at the beginning of the post that I was going weird today.