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50 Shades of Red

You know I’m not the kind of girl that would make post about red lips being a trend (hint, last beauty post) but according to the fashion world, literally any shade of red lipstick is going to be acceptable next spring. From soft cherry to blood red and all the way to velvety burgundy or even brown; it’s almost impossible to not find a color that’s good on you. The only common ground? Thanks to the beauty gods, they are all matte.

Jill Stuart SS2016 Beauty3

Drop The Black, Drop The Liner

It’s usually hard to spot new makeup trends on fashion weeks; or deceptively easy, like, surprise surprise red lips are trendy this summer. So I usually have to look into details to come up with something to write about, unlike hair, makeup is tricky with very little wiggle room. However something came to the fore unmistakably and it would be foolish to ignore it; colorful eye shadow is the new black (liner) this upcoming spring/summer season and it’s hard on a girl who only wears eyeliner as an element of makeup. While Jill Stuart, Ohne Titel, Jenny Packham and Diane Von Furstenberg opted for brighter hues like baby blue or pastel pink; Rodarte, Givenchy, Derek Lam and Altuzarra chose more neutral, peachy shades, making it possible for even girls like me to give it a go.


Earthy Nails

Whoever said it’s bad to get some soil in your hands (and nails) clearly couldn’t see the neutral nail trend coming and dominating the fall 2015 season because lately; whites, blacks, reds and all other nail art extravaganza became irrelevant. It’s all about earthy nudes, taupes, sands, espressos and greys now. I honestly couldn’t find the perfect neutral or grey for my skin tone yet, but I did find the right caramel tone: Deborah Lippmann Terra Nova.

wolfclub hana5

Nowhere Under The Sun

On today’s topic of what might be the most first world problem ever, I’d like to talk about tanning and challenges it comes with. Aside from the UV protection and cancer risk (which is a pretty big deal already) there are 4 main struggles when it comes to tanning: 1) you are not in a place, or a job that allows you to go tanning naturally 2) you are so pale that you can’t tan even if you want to 3) maintaining that tan is almost impossible 4) tan lines, moreover the lengths you go to avoid them and unless you are tanning on a nude beach, getting them no matter what. There is one single solution to all of the problems above, including the cancer risk, and it’s self tanning. I tried going to the solarium the past 3 years (it started before my wedding when I needed to get a little color, fast) and even though it was just for 2-3 sessions, I felt the extreme guilt of putting my body at such …


Braid Me Single

I’ve found that when you are frustrated with your hair because of humidity, dirt or anything else and don’t want to tie up your locks entirely or cover them up with a scarf, the key is to find the piece that annoys you the most (for me it’s usually the hair framing my face on the right hand side) and braid it, tie it back  et voila – you went from bad hair day to a wedding worthy do. Add a swirling bun or hair rings to fancy it up even more, a top bun or a non-perfect asymmetrical finish for a more casual look.