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The Mask

I’m not the person to come to ask questions about beauty, to be honest. I know nothing about make-up other than how to do cat eye with a liquid eyeliner and my skincare “basket” just consists of one water-based moisturizer, one basic eye cream (which frankly I always forget to apply), one cleansing mask from Neutrogena that I bought 2 years ago and my dermatologist advised acne balm. Now I have no intention to put on more make up, like ever, but I started to seriously freak out about my skin care lately. I’m almost 30 and as I’m seeing everyone taking crazy good care of their faces I realized that if I don’t do it now, it’s going to be too late. I started with these Sephora eye masks and unbelievably they work miracles, which has restored my faith in cosmetics. Lucky for me, this awakening happened at the same time world is going nuts over face masks so I spent hours online tracking down the best face masks out there for every need …

In The Matte Nude

Not that I’m ashamed of admitting I follow the Kardashian – Jenner clan and sometimes even get inspired by them (I seriously considered dying my hair platinum blonde after Kim K’s crazy Givenchy stunt) but I’ve been fancying matte lipsticks way before Kylie’s headline grabbing lips or lip kits that were sold out in 3 minutes. Frankly, my love for matte lipstick was limited to red and burgundy tones (I tried a pop pink one summer but it was too much for me) and it wasn’t until recently I started wearing lipstick again, only this time they are all nude, mauve or taupe. Since MAC is my go to place whenever I’m looking for a new product, I’ve been using Mehr over Men Love Mystery but the internet agrees that NYX is the best matte lip product in the market right now, and considering the unbelievably reasonable price tag, I’ll be getting a couple of colors and start experimenting soon.

50 Shades of Red

You know I’m not the kind of girl that would make post about red lips being a trend (hint, last beauty post) but according to the fashion world, literally any shade of red lipstick is going to be acceptable next spring. From soft cherry to blood red and all the way to velvety burgundy or even brown; it’s almost impossible to not find a color that’s good on you. The only common ground? Thanks to the beauty gods, they are all matte.

Drop The Black, Drop The Liner

It’s usually hard to spot new makeup trends on fashion weeks; or deceptively easy, like, surprise surprise red lips are trendy this summer. So I usually have to look into details to come up with something to write about, unlike hair, makeup is tricky with very little wiggle room. However something came to the fore unmistakably and it would be foolish to ignore it; colorful eye shadow is the new black (liner) this upcoming spring/summer season and it’s hard on a girl who only wears eyeliner as an element of makeup. While Jill Stuart, Ohne Titel, Jenny Packham and Diane Von Furstenberg opted for brighter hues like baby blue or pastel pink; Rodarte, Givenchy, Derek Lam and Altuzarra chose more neutral, peachy shades, making it possible for even girls like me to give it a go.

Earthy Nails

Whoever said it’s bad to get some soil in your hands (and nails) clearly couldn’t see the neutral nail trend coming and dominating the fall 2015 season because lately; whites, blacks, reds and all other nail art extravaganza became irrelevant. It’s all about earthy nudes, taupes, sands, espressos and greys now. I honestly couldn’t find the perfect neutral or grey for my skin tone yet, but I did find the right caramel tone: Deborah Lippmann Terra Nova.