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Long Live The Brush

Here comes something only people with frizzy hair would understand: there’s a moment after you brush-dry your hair and look at the crazy ass reflection of yourself in the mirror and think “is it just me or do I look so ridiculous that it is actually pretty cool?”. However for most people that moment of bravery ends by the time they leave the bathroom and never see sunlight, like yours truly. Sometimes my hair gets so weird I have to show my husband or whoever is around at the time, usually for fun but maybe deep down to get a validation to embrace my frizzy curls and get an applause for having such enviable, original looking hair – which almost never happens, unfortunately. But I think I found the thumbs up I was looking for thanks to beautiful Felicity Jones in February issue of Vogue UK. Long live the comb, long live the brushed out curls! (Or else I won’t be able to live long straightening my hair every single day).

Ombre is Not Dead

Of all the hair trends that have come and gone, I never thought ombre would be one to stick around this long. Not only it stuck around pretty good and never lost its charm, it actually got way more fun during the journey. Before, I thought that being a dark brunette was a challenge and I found it very hard to look elegant with a blonde ombre – the shade and shadowing can make you or break you. While that fact still is valid, pastel hair tips and dual color options make ombre possible for every hair type. I’m getting mine in two days (check my instagram to see the result, hopefully if it doesn’t turn out to be a disaster) and I encourage everyone to step in 2015 with a bit of hair fun.

Platinum Challenge

Ok first of all I know that the hair above is beyond platinum but it was so freakin beautiful that I had to put it here. Second of all, I’ve never wanted to do anything with my hair more than I want to dye it platinum blonde right now. I hardly believe that it would work on me; a wheat skinned girl with black brows, high cheekbones and a big nose, most probably I’d look just as bad as I did last Halloween with the “Sandy” wig. But I still want to give it a try, so so bad. Two things holding me back: 1) the effort and money that will go into dyeing it every 2 weeks (I’m extremely lazy when it comes to hair) 2) my non-dyed silky hair will be ruined forever. Have you tried it? Do you have any comments or recommendations? Should I give it a go?

To School For Cool

With Alexa Chung fearlessly embracing her double braids yet again watching the Topshop Unique show at London Fashion Week, school braids are back under the microscope. Besides the Lolita charm and the effect to unwomanize any look, school braids have always been my favorite since it’s the only way I can actually twist my short hair into a braid long enough to show and see it. Yay for being too school for cool.

Making Peace with Curls

Newsflash: like %80 of straight (looking) haired women out there, I too have natural, crazy curly hair. Though it’s not like Lorde curly, not dreamy, making every single straight haired girl jealous curly. It’s one part SJP one part bad morning hair curly so it was hard to make peace with my curls, still is. Lately I’ve been trying Kevin Murphy Motion Lotion  but after so many years being a slave to hair straighteners, can’t seem to be able to let go. If only they could look half as good as this ^.