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Brown Eyed Girl

Just Cavalli Fall 2015 Or you can also be a taupe eyed girl or an orange eyed girl but blue or black seems out of picture for fall 2015 season. The tone and the amount of brown is the tricky part that makes this runway trend hard to apply IRL, personally I’d look totally washed out with a brown eye makeup but there’s no denying that it’ll be a huge beauty trend this fall. My personal favorite is Derek Lam’s subtle cateye eyeshadow or Altuzarra’s part grey part bronze look.

Nail The Party Look

Being the lazy ass comfort junkie I am, dressing up for new year’s eve is a no go for me; besides I recently discovered that I actually hate new year’s eve celebrations. However, I will not deny that it’s a wonderful excuse to overdress and that includes overdressing your nails too. Sparkle, glitter, stones or foils – anything that most probably looks absurd on a day look would look absolutely appropriate on your nails once the clock hits 00.00. .

Intentional Staining

Two reaons this is going to be your favorite make up trend this winter: 1) You can skip the make up part all together and just drink two glasses of red wine at the beginning of the evening without having to explain to anyone or checking your lips every 5 minutes 2) You can put on this make up and don’t care about what you eat&drink or kiss all day long because it simply can’t smudge. How to achieve? First frame your lips with a nude lipliner or lipstick, then use a lip marker or apply the lipstick, lip pencil or crayon of your choice by dabbing your finger lightly on your inner lips. For the ombre look you can use a lighter & darker shade of the same color or simply dab more inside and less closer to the lip frame.


Couple of days ago when I saw a beautiful girl out in the daylight with a super natural golden eye shadow and no other makeup on her face (of whom I wanted to take a photo so bad but was afraid to look like a freak) I realized that gold eye makeup is an overlooked fraction of daily beauty routine as well as party looks. Especially now that it’s officially winter and we all need that little shimmer around our eyes to replace the gleam in them, I propose we lightly use gold eyeshadow especially around the inner eye corner if not under brows and compliment with black mascara only. I refuse to give in to the winter moodiness, not quite yet.

Bushiest Of Them All

This bold, bushy eyebrow trend is a blessing and a curse at the same time for us millenial generation; strikingly beautiful yet can turn into a disaster in wrong hands. I know a handful of people going overboard with painting in their brows and even changing the shape to an unnatural rectangle, who will regret their weird photos in the future. As someone who had her share of bizarre eyebrows over the years, I know better than to pluck too much and paint where there naturally isn’t a thread of hair. I don’t have a Brooke Shields or Cara Delevingne pair of brows and it’s no use following tutorials to make yourself look like them; you just have to work with what you have, know how to groom and shape.