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Laura Guarie

Laura Guarie

Laura Guarie11

Buenos Aires based artist Laura Guarie is my latest inspiration source, with her retro collages blended with graphic illustrations influenced by European history, art, architecture and design. Still a graphic design student, Laura’s work has been featured on a lot of major design websites and magazines. There’s even an awesome tattoo design in there somewhere, her lines are so on point.

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Historic Art Meets Fashion: Ernesto Artillo

Ernesto Artillo 265281 265273Madrid-based artist Ernesto Artillo is making collages combining high-end, seriously trendy photography of supermodels and ancient pieces of art (religious iconography and ancient gods) in a terrific dusty fig/Italian sunset palette.  He uses intricate mechanisms – cut out shapes, scissor and paper – to create imaginative figures that transform the pages of fashion and art magazines. “For me, collage means detaching from my tendency of keeping everything in order. I’m constantly trying to become more abstract and less geometric. It allows me to literally cut/break with things – even though they are my own pictures – to create a new order. I suppose collage makes me challenge my own conventions.”

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The New York Now

pop-liya-kebede2 pop-liya-kebede9 pop-liya-kebede7

Liya Kebede by Francesco Carrozzini for Pop Spring/Summer 2013

(Collaboration with artists Justin Lowe and Jonah Freeman, Creative direction by China Chow, Hair by Takashi Yusa, Makeup by Sil Bruinsma)

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When Richard Prince Met Picasso

Richard Prince’s latest stirring exhibition, “Prince/Picasso,” encouraged by the Museo Picasso Malanga, reflects his two-year intensive exploration of Pablo Picasso. 63-year-old Prince has said of Picasso, “He never lets go of the body.” Prince shares Picasso’s infatuation with the female form. The result here is a menagerie of female nakedness: engorged limbs, abundant, rounded bottoms, twisting torsos, undulating breasts, and faces scratched out and replaced with mask-like sketches or Picasso’s own statuesque heads.


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Daniele Buetti

Daniele Buetti is a Swiss artist who creates surrealist installations constructed over photography and illumination.

source: we are selecters, daniele buetti