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Round It Goes

This might be the most comeback comeback trend since the shoulder pad invasion back in 2010, and this time it doesn’t look like we’re going to regret it in a year or so. The last round handle bag I saw was either a beach bag or my grandmother’s money purse, but they sure as hell weren’t as cool as these new wave metal handle ones. Carrying a non-cross body bag is as uncomfortable as carrying another person on my shoulders so I prefer the long strap ones that has the metal handle as detail + handle option but if you have faith in your hands more than I do, here are the most beautiful round handle bags out there to buy.

The Bandana Strikes Back

And boy it strikes BAD. I’m giving the credit for this comeback to Leandra Medine, Pernille Teisbaek and Marianne Theodorsen (with honorable mentions to Pandora Sykes and Hanne Gaby Odiele) because they literally turned this into a trend (THE trend of the season, to be more accurate) all by themselves. People should think twice before undermining the influence of fashion bloggers from now on, eh? And it’s just too freakin versatile: on your neck, head, wrist, ankle, waist, attached to your bag – they work in so many ways. I remember in 2005 I used to wrap a bandana around my wrist and wear my watch over it, wish I hadn’t stopped doing that.

Mirror Mirror On My Eyes

While this mirrored sunglass thing is no new trend (actually it may be as old as the invention of sunglasses itself) this summer you’re probably seeing it everywhere, a little bit more than usual. The reason for that is the Dior craze, every single blogger or celebrity wearing a pair may have made you a little bit insane so I tried to list you some of my “other” favorite mirrored sunglasses – in case you can’t get your hands on Dior or want something different. My personal favorite is the Mykita x Margiela series (I actually already got one, oops), pick one for yourself and get ready to see what a mirror can bring out of your friends. It’s really, really fun.

Death in Paris SS15

Death in Paris Store is a lifestyle brand, which was founded in 2013 as an extension of its existing graphic design studio, that focuses on designing modern, structural and effortless accessories. What I like the most are the whimsical and subtle details on everyday objects such as the transparent stripe on the traditional shopper or the little envelope on the messenger bags – neither overplayed nor bland designs. And the campaign shots.

Scarf Season is Upon Us

Anyone with even the teensy bit of frizzy hair knows the cardinal hair rule of summer: no blow drying, straightening or product is going to help you deal with your crazy hair in a heat wave like a scarf can. Keeping your hair in one place (or better, totally hiding it sometimes) all the while acting as a cotton towel around your head helping with the non stop sweating, chance to wear a different color or print everyday and a million ways to wrap it up (turban, headband, bandana, around the bun, in the braid, knotted, tied, let loose and so on) it is the ULTIMATE summer survival tool. Believe me, once you start scarfing there’s no stopping.