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Building Block

Building Block is a multi-medium design project that I just stumbled upon, right when I needed too see refreshing, minimal and refined designs to purify my cluttered mind. Based in Los Angeles, the brand is led by sisters Kimberly & Nancy Wu. Its focus moves freely in between luxury and industrial design where utilitarian materials and processes translate into minimalist forms. With the intent of magnifying essentials and editing out excess, Building Block finds continual inspiration in returning to square one.

Before Sunset

It was a specific rainy labour day and the fact that there is a huge tree infront of our window blocking the entrance of any ray of light made me realise that summer is officially over. I wasn’t particularly sad, since spring and autumn are my favourite seasons and I’m not a fan or hot or cold weather; but the thought of not being able to wear sunglasses everyday made me mourn a little. Especially more when I saw that adorable Karen Millen add with that incredible little ginger girl whom I can’t imagine how gorgeous will be in the future. There’s no way I can look as cool as her but still, a girl has to cover her make up free eyes and dark under eye circles. And it’s amazing to see how many different options they have out there, considering I’m having a hard time even choosing something different to eat everyday. Let’s go down the road of sunglass hall of fame…

What To Expect While We’re Expecting

No we’re not pregnant but we are expecting with great excitement, like we do consecutively twice a year – and we have brand new trends born each season which become a part of our lives until the younger ones come along. Having said that; since we have no idea about the newborn, we can keep on spoiling the last one (I’m going to be a terrible mother) – fall/winter 2013 trends and pieces (with two exceptions of ss2013 shoes, because, you know they were obvious) which are most likely to take over the streets this month. Click through for a refresher and be prepared, because you know I’m going to say “I told you so”.

Put The Back In The Pack

My love for backpacks go back to my childhood days, 6 years old to be more accurate; when my uncle went to USA and brought me a mini denim backpack with three applique pink flowers. Then I remember in middle school begging my parents to buy me a Nike backpack for school. Again in high school opting for a Lacoste backpack whereas all the other girls were carrying shoulder bags. Then I cheated on them with crossbody bags, totes and satchels – living in a country famous for pickpockets you can’t leave anything to chance. Now, almost 10 years and two continents later, my dear old friend has turned back into my life. I started with borrowing my husband’s Urban Outfitters leather look backpack but now I think I have to own one myself. Maybe even two? I think my favourites are floral mini backpack from Bank (hello childhood subconscious), A.Wang leopard, minimal leather Zara and yes, of course, the vintage Chanel.

Love Is In The Hair

My prior plan regarding my wedding attire was to wear a rustic halo (a la Valentino) or a floral/leaf crown with a romantic simple lace dress. Then I got caught up on 20’s inspired gowns and accessories and that was when I started looking for vintage – more specifically flapper – headbands. That meant I had to search everthing with rhinestone, pearl or feather. At that moment, I started thinking about a juliet cap veil, if Kate Moss had used one for her wedding, it must be the ultime wedding accessory. And you  have to understand, because I changed my mind every second about my wedding gown AND my hair for the day, the search for the perfect wedding accessory kept on and on. Then, at a moment I really can’t remember when or why, I decided to wear a simple tiered short tulle veil. When I look at my wedding photos now I don’t regret the choice, but I have to admit that there were so many gorgeous accessories out there that I would …