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Shoes of Fall 2015

I know they won’t even be in the stores for at least another 6 months, but the shoes were all I could think about during fashion month. Shoes are all I can think about most of the time. From Proenza‘s knots to Phillip Lim‘s laceups, Céline‘s square toes to Valentino and Rouland Mouret‘s zippers, Isabel Marant‘s buckles to Christian Dior‘s patent knee highs; there were a lot of trends to take note of but there was only ONE trend that’s worth the attention because Gucci & Maison Margiela & Fendi & Vivienne Westwood & Salvatore Ferragamo and Balenciaga said so, together: FUR. Fur is the only thing you should carry on, around and under your feet this fall.

C’est Trop Chic, Paris

C’est tellement chic guys, trop trop chic when it comes to Paris. How can one city keep minimalism to the point and extreme extravagant styles and daily haute couture together is beyond me. These 150 (+5 last day bonus) absolute best street style looks of Paris Fashion Week fall 2015 prove that the title fashion capital is more than justified, not just over the comptoirs of ateliers or runways but also on the streets, to the marrow of residents. Je t’adore Paris. Oui.

Best of PFW Fall 2015 Part III

Anyone else is feeling like they’ve been run over by a truck and that truck stood over them for almost a month even though all they did was sit on the couch and make posts? Well I am but thank god it’s over now. Fashion month has officially ended, and as much as I like to get tiny little orgasms every time I see major fashion inspirations (which peaked this last week), I’m relieved now that I can go back to my normal schedule and instagram/website checking frequency. As you can guess the busiest, and the hardest in terms of choosing the best, couple of days were the final 3-4; from perfectly nonchalant Stella McCartney to Chanel‘s brasserie, from crazy furs at Louis Vuitton to ever beautiful Valentino (and Zoolander), from my favorite Ellery to Givenchy, I still don’t get the styling at all but I like the clothes in general Saint Laurent, Acne (and nipples) and even Hermes, first time from the talented hands of former The Row designer Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski – EVERYTHING has …

Céline F/W 2015

I wasn’t planning on making another post today, I’m not even home and I have my laptop with me by chance. I was going to wait till the end of fashion week to make one final best of pfw post and that’s it. This was my ordinary schedule. But Phoebe Philo is no ordinary designer. And this Céline Fall 2015 collection is no ordinary fashion. She introduced bell shapes and cat prints to her rather undone collection; simple knits meeting quilts, ripped up sweaters adorning dual colored dresses completed with hunter bags and square toe shoes (the one thing I’m hoping won’t be a big trend). I feel like I’m betraying the old Céline milestones when I say this but this collection may be my favorite yet, maybe not in terms of becoming an instant classic but because it’s the most artisanal one to date.

Best of PFW Fall 2015 Part II

Another 3 days have passed and another wave of disbelief about how many groundbreaking collections can fit into those little 3 days has hit me. (And major shows like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Céline or Saint Laurent still haven’t taken place yet.) In this second part of Paris Fashion Week, my favorites were Paco Rabanne which hasn’t shown anything spectacular per se but just keeps on catering to my inner boyish Carrie Bradshaw, Vanessa Bruno because, duh, Parisian chic, Rick Owens because he introduced my all time second favorite color (gold) to his voluminous, structural signature pieces, Raf Simons for pushing the limits of ugly elegance, a term btw I never knew existed until 2 years ago, at Christian Dior, Loewe because it’s basically a more colorful J.W. Anderson and there’s nothing wrong with that. Isabel Marant was what you probably have expected from her, which should get boring but still it’s pretty enough to make you get over that. Balenciaga was boring for me in shapes but really interesting in details and finally, I think …