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Ganni Fall 2018

It’s a tale as old as digital age; Toronto and Drake, LA Lakers and Jack Nicholson, Copenhagen and Ganni. It’s one of those things that makes it what it is, and Ganni managed built its audience increasingly over the past years with the help of Instagram, crazy cool Danish girls followed by crazy cool girls everywhere around the world. They are the main reason Copenhagen is a superstar on the fashion calendar now and they are successfully walking the asymmetrical, printed road ACNE paved for them. Structured effortless is my favorite style code, and they nailed it more than ever in this Fall 2018 collection.


Low Classic Spring 2018

Low Classic is not only my favorite Korean brand of all time, it’s also one of my favorite brands in the world ever since its inception. In fact, Low Classic is the reason I discovered W Concept in the first place when I was desperately looking for an online stockist that was selling the brand (incidentally it became my favorite retailer). I bought one thing, and then another thing… Now it’s one of my wardrobe staple brands and by looking at the Spring 2018 collection, it’s safe to say it will continue to be that way for a long time. If you see me in a yellow leather coat or a white stitch detailed black cotton dress next season, know where it’s from.


Céline Spring 2018

I’ve decided some time ago that I wouldn’t post about new collections that anyone can find anywhere, meaning no big brands, no show stealers, only stuff people might have missed and maybe learning about for the first time here. However I felt the deepest urge to break my own rule when I saw the Céline Spring 2018 collection for the first time, then the second time, the third time… I realized the Céline collections are never just “new collections” to me, they guide me whenever I want to shop for new season, they give me styling inspirations and help me recreate my existing wardrobe over and over again. Philo’s woman is one that can never get bored of the Céline essence, the essence that’s all one needs to dress up every day. I haven’t discovered Céline but it’s my favorite, always.


Jacquemus Spring 2018

Three weeks has passed and Jacquemus managed to be the first collection that dazzled me with every single piece. The styling, the details – Simon Porte Jacquemus got inspired once again by his late mother and her days in the village with a scarf around her head, ceramic earrings and a pareo tied around her waist. His mother has been his muse since day one, because he lost him at a very young age, and I think that’s how he managed to stay true to his aesthetic even though the is creating conceptually different collections each season. It has always been about her; her house, her clothes, her attitude. He has his story to tell and we are just happy to be invited to be a part of it.

Nanushka Spring/Summer 2017

Nanushka Spring/Summer 2017

The Hungarian brand Nanushka may sound new to your ears but it’s actually an already almost-established brand in the fashion industry. In the short span of a few months, it has become a fashion girl favorite and started popping up in a lot of Instagram photos – if you are following the right girls that is. It’s not mainstream or a “blogger favorite” brand, on the contrary, it only appeals to a certain girl with the certain style, who is looking for ethical fashion in functional pieces where she doesn’t have to sacrifice spirituality or her natural essence. And the spring/summer collection perfectly embodies the urban escapist woman, who is always in the traveler state of mind.