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Fanny Packs are Back!

Fanny Pack Dorks

Don’t get a wrong idea because of the title, it’s just a How I Met Your Mother reference, I in fact do not think fanny pack wearers are dorks. I think they’re practical, brilliant people. I for one never let them go, they were always my music festival bag (once you get the hands-free, shoulder-free experience there’s no turning back). I don’t know when and why exactly they fell out of style but I know for sure they are back now with a bang. And while Gucci’s GG Marmont Matelassé is the official king of the year, any fanny pack would do the job. In fact, if you ask me, the more 90’s looking the better. No matter what you call it: bumbag, belt bag, waist bag (that’s how it’s called in Turkish); do yourself a favor and get one of these before it’s too late.


I See You 90’s

90’s have always been my favorite era (and when I say 90’s I’m also thinking about early 00’s), not just because I lived my childhood in it but also because it’s the time that I resonate with everything the most. The music (open one of my playlists and you’ll see where I got stuck), the minimalism, technology we grew up with… Everything I remember from 90’s and can’t remember but find out now is fascinating to me, everything but the sunglasses and the eyebrows. I know you weren’t expecting me to bash 90’s sunglasses in the first paragraph of a post about 90’s sunglasses, but it’s true (I’ll get into the eyebrow point in a separate post, when thin line eyebrows become a thing again in a couple of years). I’m usually uncomfortable with any super trendy sunglasses trend, huge or small, and prefer wearing classic models year after year. That’s why it really irritated me at first when I started seeing super thin rectangles all over Instagram, to the point I felt worried for …


Shopbop Event of The Season Sale

Shopbop‘s Event of the Season Sale is here and it’s giving you (me) the opportunity to buy anything you (I) want (both sale and full priced items) until EOD April 14th. Get 25% off Orders of $500 or more with code EVENT17 Get 20% off Orders under $500 with code EVENT17 Almost everything is included in the sale (with a few exceptions) and there’s no minimum spend limit, so whatever cash you have spend it NOW because who needs a savings account, right? Here are some of my picks: Save Save Save Save


15 New Shoe Brands For The Cool Girl

Somewhere between the land of super expensive shoes that you can’t afford (and will probably go out of style not even a year later) and the cheap high street stuff that is %99 not manufactured ethically and %100 will be on at least 15 other women’s feet, there stands a new wave of independent shoe designers that create some of the coolest and affordable footwear on the face of the earth. You may have heard of some, may have seen some on Instagram or may have been seeing it for the first time here but what they all have in common is that you need at least one pair from each, if you can stop there. Here are the hottest 15 independent shoe brands of 2017:


Fun Day, Cyber Monday

Oh it’s not over. If by any chance you still have some money left in your pocket after Black Friday, the universe is rewarding you with even better Cyber Monday sales today. Welcome to the only fun Monday of the year and shop away! ASOS: %30 off of everything with code THANKFUL30 Farfetch: Up to %50 off of selected items Free People: Extra %25 off all sale items Forward by Elyse Walker: Sale on selected items H&M: %10 off orders of $50 with code 3010, %15 off orders of $75 with code 3011, %20 off orders of $100 with code 3012 + Free Delivery ln-cc: Sale on selected items Mango: %20 off everything with code CYBER MATCHES FASHION: Up to %50 off selected items (US & Canada only) Moda Operandi: Sale up to %65 off and extra 30% off of sale prices with the code EXTRA30 na-kd: 25% off of all full priced items with code black weekend Need Supply: %25 off everything online with code CYBERMONDAY Net a Porter: Up to %50 off on …