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Bathroom Flora

Had I had a bathroom that has access to even the tiniest bit of sunlight it would have been an indoor amazon forest; string of pearls and ivies hanging over the shadow head, boston fern on the floor and any kind of small potted plant on the flush box. The more the merrier. I don’t know why it’s not more common to have plants in the bathroom, I’m thinking lack of direct sunlight and the constant humidity are the main reasons but let’s not forget, there’s a plant suitable for every condition. Now I have a small artificial one and it changes the whole aura of the bathroom, no matter the size and style. If you don’t have one already here are some beautiful, inspirational bathrooms that will make you want to run to the florist (or IKEA) and load up on greens.

mobile clothing rack24

A Movable Feast

While may not be as big of a feast as Hemingway’s Paris to some people, clothes and closets in general are a total festival for me and the biggest show in that fest is without a doubt the legendary walk in closet. You know the ones that make you entranced by the vision of open racks while getting your mom more and more concerned about dust and moth, those. And since not all of us are little Carrie Bradshaws, chances are you may not have a huge walk in closet of your own so wheeled clothing racks that don’t take up much space & can be put anywhere (all the while providing amazing Instagram photo material, I might add) are the best choices for every household. Now even though I find cloth hangers more appealing than racks, mobility and functionality of the latter is the one that makes it the more desirable choice. My favorites are these two copper and copper & wood racks (or this) but society seems to be leaning more towards the …


The Perfect Bouquet

I gave up long ago trying to decide which one is my favorite flower; I was voluntarily surrounded by hydrangeas at my wedding, there are always some sort of tulips or roses at home, I tattooed anemones (or poppies) on my arm, bougainvilleas are my source of happiness reminding me of endless summer days, I always buy orchids as special gifts and even though I can never find them anywhere I constantly find myself mesmerized by peonies – so yeah, there’s no choosing one. So what do you do when you can’t choose one? Get the perfect arrangement that has ALL of the most beautiful flowers around and not just on your wedding day but all day everyday. For me, the perfect bouquet should contain some (or better yet, all) of these: Anemones, Peonies, Garden Roses, Dahlias, Ranunculus (which literally means ‘the wedding flower’ in Turkish) and Cymbidium Orchids or Lilacs as colorful flowers, Succulents as green flowers, Silver Brunias, Tallow Berries, Scabiosa Pods, Dusty Millers and/or Hederas for garnishing and finally Seeded Eucalyptus or …

ladder interior styling15a

Million Ways To Style A Ladder

With limited wardrobe space and about a thousand pair of shoes, I’ve been racking my brain trying to find a stylish solution to my storage problem and then god sent me a pin showing a vintage ladder used as shoe rack. They are perfect display for heels as well as magazines, bags, string lights, jewelry, blankets (there is something called blanket ladder, as it turns out), sunglasses or even pots and pans with hooks. Get one and stop there, I dare you.


The Art of Coffeeing

For a long time I didn’t think drinking coffee required any visual aid, coffee is by all means heavenly just as it is. You just prepare it (or order it) smell it and enjoy it. Actually it was the smell I liked the most before I could stand the strong taste and still, even today, I prefer tea over coffee (don’t gasp, I’m Turkish) but day after day I’m getting more and more drawn to caffeine addiction and Instagram has a huge part in it. All the #cotd posts that show up any given time on my feed not only made me want to drink more coffee but also forced me to learn what all those gadgets are and hunt them down, one by one. As some people asked me the coffee maker in my Instagram photos I figured I should make a post about the brands and products to get the perfect coffee shot. Want a shortcut? %90 of what you see in photos are either Chemex or Hario, everything else is hipster overload. …