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‘Tis Almost The Season

I don’t know when Christmas exactly kicks off in your country but in Montreal, as of November 1, the celebration begins. Every single shop, supermarket, boutique, street vendor, cafe or restaurant get in the spirit (of consumerism, wink wink) so you can’t help but find yourself in the ’tis (almost) the season mood really quickly. Last year I discovered the hundreds and hundreds of DIY advent calendar ideas a tad late (around mid-december) so this year I’m acting in advance. All you need are some papers, a scissor, some glue, maybe festive threads, a ladder or hanger maybe and some complimentary Christmas ornaments. And probably some DIY skills. Anyways here are 26 unique and lovely DIY advent calendar ideas I found online to make this December a little bit more fun and festive.


Frames Unbound

Long time ago, in a world far far away from Pinterest, I used to come up with interior ideas for our home by chance. First time the idea to leave frames leaning against a wall instead of being on it came to my mind when my family was getting the walls painted almost 10 years ago and we had to wait before we can nail anything. They looked so good on the floor, giving that perfect unfinished home vibe, that I begged my mom not to hang them again. At the end we compromised and put -one- of the frames on the end table with some books, which happened to be the coolest corner in our home if you ask me. Now that me and my husband live in a house with partly super strong brick, partly punch it and it’s gone plaster walls; the unbound frames thing is an obligation rather than a choice for us. First world problems.


I Saw The Sign

I literally did see the neon sign trend coming years ago, probably because it wasn’t anything new even back then, and my feelings towards it went drastically from enthusiastic to disgruntled when I saw the endless parade of lame “yolo”s and “keep calm”s and “love”s. It was Juan Mcarb‘s pink “fuck” that put this trend back in the loop for me, not just because of the juxtaposition it presents but also because the placement is resplendently clever. It may get boring after a while but for the sake of turning your home into an art gallery – let’s say exhibition – it’s worth a colorful try.


Marble In Da House

It’s like a not-so-secret-code between minimalists to have this, one of world’s most beautiful, ancient, expensive (or expensive looking) patterns in every corner of the house and, if possible, instagram it. Contrary to common belief, I think marble goes well with even the coziest interiors, teamed with metals and surrounded with wood they look perfect all around. From cheese plates to jewelry trays, shower curtains to pillows, tables to counter tops, candles to vases and  clocks and hangers, it’s an unlimited array of choices.

undone walls39

Walls Come Undone

I always have the tendency to love stuff that is imperfect, perfect symmetry or color coordination is too boring for me. Meticulously tidied rooms, all white houses, same type of frames up on the walls perfectly aligned, books on shelves, every furniture exactly standing where it’s supposed to = no creativity & no fun. That’s exactly why I find undone walls all the more charming, so much that I’m trying to figure out a way to “fake” an undone wall – sandpaper, random brushstrokes, spread the mint paint over existing white walls with my hands? I don’t know and I’m afraid I can never achieve the same authentic look – but at least I have a natural exposed brick in my home so I’m good.