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Box O’ Light

Welcome to this week’s edition of hipster baits that I’d very much like to fall for, or have already fallen for, because it looks so damn good in photos: the lightbox. Also referred to as the cinema light box or bxxlght, this tiny little rectangle is like twitter for your home: write the most pretentious, inspiring or bad ass quote you can think of with 25 characters or less, place it somewhere unorthodox and pretend you’re the coolest gal in town. Though I’m pretty sure – us being us – at our house it will be the scoreboard for the most important game of the night before and maybe birthday celebrations.

In Between Floors

First Instagram, then Pinterest; this interior trend is slowly conquering and sweeping all my feeds off all at once: the art of floor transitioning. Whether it be between tiles and wooden floors or simply a change of hardwood pattern, an irregular transition or separated with a border or line, this genius interior trick is a sure-fire way to attract all the attention of hipster Instagrammers around the world. Please do let me know first though, as I’m the uncrowned queen of mainstream IG shots I’d love to be one of the first ones to take a #ihavethisthingwithfloors.

Mark Your Calendars

Getting a calendar for your house or desk or even your phone is serious business, especially for me since I have the tendency to be as disorganized as possible. I tried owning multiple agendas for many years and they all ended to be torn up pieces of notebooks or coffee coasters so I simply gave up trying to act like someone I’m not. However a calendar, a beautiful calendar, means that I’ll keep track of days all the while making my house prettier so it’s a win-win. I of course bought our house a Stendig (duh) but had I had a proper office I’d have gotten one of the Etsy ones too.

A Minimal Christmas

Christmas has always been the most special holiday for me, and unlike you, I do not have a valid reason for it. We don’t celebrate Christmas in Turkey so it doesn’t have any sentimental feeling for us; however we do put up Christmas decorations, trees, lights etc not for Christmas but for new year’s day (anyone wondering why Turkey is always referred to as the bridge between east and west, here goes your answer). So Christmas decorations along with New Year’s celebrations, gifts, lights and snow have always been my favorite spectacle of the year which is why every single year I overloaded on ornaments, just to make sure everyone who so much as passed by our door knew what we were up to. Now that I have my own (tiny and cozy) home with no space to put an extra candle let alone a huge tree, I started dialing down. Decals or tapestries instead of trees, clear firefly lights and just one or two simple ornaments. A clean, creative and modern Christmas ahead.

‘Tis Almost The Season

I don’t know when Christmas exactly kicks off in your country but in Montreal, as of November 1, the celebration begins. Every single shop, supermarket, boutique, street vendor, cafe or restaurant get in the spirit (of consumerism, wink wink) so you can’t help but find yourself in the ’tis (almost) the season mood really quickly. Last year I discovered the hundreds and hundreds of DIY advent calendar ideas a tad late (around mid-december) so this year I’m acting in advance. All you need are some papers, a scissor, some glue, maybe festive threads, a ladder or hanger maybe and some complimentary Christmas ornaments. And probably some DIY skills. Anyways here are 26 unique and lovely DIY advent calendar ideas I found online to make this December a little bit more fun and festive.