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Vibe Harsløf Jewelry

Even if she wasn’t creating clean but bad ass, minimal and original jewelry I probably would have discovered Vibe Harsløf somewhere down the road, mainly because she’s been working with one of my my favorite Danish girls Emma Leth for the past 8 years in every single collection she made which are strongly influenced by contrasted gritty sub-cultures and classic Scandinavian design tradition. For Vibe, the designs must be wearable, but she likes to challenge the wearer with jewelry that often needs to be seen on a body to make sense. Good news: even if you hate bling on your skin (hot days!) you can make your sneakers wear her jewelry. Best news, her designs are being sold at Need Supply so dive in!

Multiple Earrings

Punch A Hole, or Two

The saying once you pop you can’t stop isn’t necessarily applicable only to Pringles or tattoos – add piercings on that list too. As I don’t have any piercings on my body other than the tiny little holes in my ears, my piercing craze is over earrings only. When I was in high school and had to wear uniforms with strict rules, the burlington socks and the studs on my ears were the only things that helped me express my personality through clothing. I had three on one ear and four on the other ear, had the most fun playing with’em until the directrice realized it and forced me to take them off, making the holes close up, leaving me utterly disappointed. Never considered punching more holes again but lately, I’m considering it. Now that I got the tattoo thing out of my system I need something else to play with.

Sterling silver circle earrings a

Rounding Up

And I don’t mean cutting to the chase, I mean every single metal accessory on your body literally becoming round and even more round this season. Thanks to Céline’s SS 2015 gold hair barrettes and these earrings that I’ve been lusting after for so long, I can happily call this a jewelry trend for this spring. Simple yet striking, it’s the perfect accessory for the non-accessory girl: hair pins and brooches for the long haired, earrings for the pierced, necklaces and bracelets for neither.


Locking The Knit

As much as it sucks deeply, there’s an upside to winter and the dressing challenges it brings; you always have to come up with new ways of layering and I don’t mean just clothes. Wearing bracelets in winter definitely doesn’t seem ideal: dangling cold metal on your skin hiding underneath your sweater because you can’t roll your sleeves. What I need is something to lock it even more so that it never ever moves and lets in cold air. Enter all those too big bracelets and cuffs I never got to put on before.

Malin Henningsson Jewelry15a

Malin Henningsson Jewelry

Of all the artful coalescences in the world (textile & technology, music & movies, paintings & fashion etc) nothing pleases me more than the marriage of architecture and jewelry, and the wearable sculpture babies they conceive. Malin Henningsson, a Swedish jewelry brand dedicated to experimental products of unconventional materials, creates unique and expressive high-end jewellery with delicate details and minimalistic geometric shapes. Every piece in their all-made-in-Stockholm collection is a statement on its own which would make you want to dress as plain as a wall and focus all the attention on the one very precious piece of art on it.