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The Fashion Medley

Trail Blazer

One of the few perks of not being a native English speaker is the fun you have with phrases you hear the first time in your life and when you simply can’t guess the meaning because it means a whole other thing than the individual words forming that phrase. When I first heard the team name Portland Trail Blazers years ago I instantly liked them, not because of any particular player or the team aura but simply because they have the word “blazer” in their name. I think a blazer is strong enough a word to carry a whole team name, even without the “trail” first, and it’s strong enough a garment to be worn alone and make the outfit. . Mint silk blazer H&M (similar here & here) . White cotton cropped pants Oak+Fort (similar here & here) . White leather slides Asos (similar here & here) . White clutch with ring detail Zara (similar here & here)

The Fashion Medley

Fits Like A Glove

There still may be couple of months before the first COS store opens in Montreal but if you think that would make me wait and not scavenge the internet for these glove shoes only to find it after a day long crazy google/lyst/pinterest/vestaire hunt, you’re wrong ladies. It’s a hard life you live when you’re 5’3″ and hate heels so anything that makes you look even 2cms longer and as comfortable as a flat is something you fight for. I stand by my war. . White shirt Need Supply (similar here & here) . Black leather tapered pants Vintage (similar here & here) . Grey suede glove heels COS (similar here & here) . Black leather ps11 classic mini bag Proenza Schouler (or get it here & here)


Blue Is The Lightest Color

It’s a fact that blue is not my favorite color in the world. Actually I always fancy people rocking crazy shades of blue but it’s too much of a “color” for me, that’s why I can only make it work in a baby blue tone and if – and only if – I wear it with white. When I get it right though it gives me the feeling of luxury and sporty at the same time; turning business into business casual, fancy into street, tacky & trendy into stylish. . Blue shirt Zara (similar here & here) . Ivory wide leg pants Mango (similar here & here) . Black pony hair sandals Ancient Greek (get it here & here or similar here & here) . Black leather round crossbody bag Stylenanda (similar here & here)

The Fashion Medley

Ring My Bell

I never would have thought of getting a bell sleeve top, not in a million years, had a brand called Ellery not entered our lives changing the perception of clean cut, minimal dressing. Thanks to Kym, I now have a variety in my wardrobe I never thought I would. Of course I couldn’t walk around in bell bottom pants or huge A line skirts like an Aussi fashionista so I wore a casual pair of khakis and flat sandals like a true European tourist. . Bell sleeve top Eight Slate (similar here & here) . Camel cropped pants Etoile Isabel Marant  (similar here & here) . Black and white printed leather sandals Dries Van Noten (similar here & here) . Black leather round crossbody bag Stylenanda (similar here & here)

The Fashion Medley

Oaks & Recreation

It simply can’t be a coincidence that I discovered about Oak + Fort, a Canadian brand offering attainable luxury with classic designs and quality fabrics for reasonable prices, right when I was looking for the perfect linen/cotton wide leg culottes that will get me through the remainder of this summer and many more summers to come. I must be blessed with an accurate shopping spell. So long polyester, bye bye viscose, I won’t miss you at all. . Grey cotton t-shirt Urban Outfitters (similar here & here) . Light grey linen culottes Oak + Fort  (similar here & here) . Black calf hair Thais sandals Ancient Greek (get it here & here or similar here & here) . Black leather ps11 mini bag Proenza Schouler (or get it here & here)