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The Fashion Medley

Rope Off, Rope On

Usually it would have been just me hanging on to summer, never letting it go, refusing its end and freezing my ass off in the process but this year it’s the whole continent that’s fighting with me as I’m trying to let it go and move on to fall clothes. I know I’m going to miss it like crazy once it’s gone, but humankind is greedy. I don’t like dressing up in summer any more than I like dressing up in winter so I’m always trying to find new ways to layer my clothes, even using ones I already forgot in the depths of my wardrobe, like this decades old H&M dress. And it’s OK that it’s really fancy because the rope sandals are sailor cool. . Ivory wrap dress H&M (similar here & here) . Black tapered pants Zara (similar here & here) . Black rope sandals Mango (similar here & here)

The Fashion Medley

Push The Buttons

First of all; I’m sorry mom for the wrinkled dress but this is linen and I’m not going to iron something when I know it will get ruined again in 2 mins. Second of all; this is the first time in recorded history that I wore a puffy shoulder dress. In fact I refused to buy this dress the first time I saw it; I gasped out of love at first but then I saw the shoulders and let it go. I’m usually very much open to trying new styles as long as my figure allows it but for some reason I have this serious problem with shoulders, I just can’t wear anything that has a shoulder line below or above my actual shoulders so that means no shoulder pads, no vintage sizing and definitely no puffy sleeves. But after insanely searching for a dress like this sans the shoulders and failing miserably, I took the leap and got it. I think it’s looking alright! . Off white linen dress Zara Studio (similar here & …

The Fashion Medley

Cluse Me In

Three things I learned this weekend: 1) You can easily turn any bat sleeve kimono or cardigan into a wrap skirt and it feels more comfortable and laid back then any other skirt can ever be, 2) Apparently the little girl inside of me isn’t dead at all and I still enjoy wearing pink shoes, more than I’m proud to admit, 3) I’m OK with wearing watches with any kind of outfit as long as they’re chic and light like jewelry. For a long time the only “thing” occupying my right wrist has been my faithful elastic hair tie so I started to sense my left wrist is feeling left out – my left hand and arm being useless compared to the other one already – it begged me to adorn it with something nice and just as useful. OK nothing can be as useful as an elastic hair tie but this one is close, or should I say CLUSE (ba dum tss). Works like a watch, feels like a slender bracelet: right wrist, the …

The Fashion Medley

An Old Maid

News flash: I wear dresses sometimes. But only when they are so comfortable that I wouldn’t feel like I’m cheating on my tapered pants or short shorts and when they are so not girly at all (with frills and flower prints etc etc) so that leaves me a very, VERY narrow range of choices to choose among. Namely: t-shirt dresses, sweater dresses, slip dresses, shirt dresses AAAAND apron dresses. I started looking for an apron dress at the beginning of this summer because I knew it would save me but after weeks of searching I gave up and decided to just buy an actual linen apron and wear it like a dress. That was when I typed “linen apron” in the search box of Etsy and found the one. I know I look like an old maid but it’s a minimal, kind of bad ass eclectic piece of shit old maid so it’s good. . Black apron dress with white slip dress MomoSaigon (similar here & here) . White leather glove flats Martiniano (or get them …


Bamboo Monkey

There’s a thin line between being a hypocrite and a caring person, a line more blurry than ever in this day and age, a line I struggled so hard to draw and figure out where I stand around it. Sadly I’ve never been an activist, it’s an extremely hard lifestyle and requires dedication I’m too selfish for, but it never means I’m ignorant. I give to charities, I help people and care about animals, I love nature and try to make conscious choices to protect and preserve it. Again, I’m not perfect and I’m pretty sure %80 of my purchasing decisions are wrong ones, but I try to do better everyday and that’s how my bamboo journey has started. First I started buying bamboo sheets, then tees and socks, and now I’m introduced to Bamboo Monkey, an Australian fashion brand born out of a desire to produce ethically sourced, long-lasting clothing that combines chic and comfort. For whatever reason I always thought of cotton as the Eco-friendly weapon of choice but thanks to Edwina, founder …