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Céline Pre-Fall 2015

Ever since I caught a glimpse of the new Céline Pre-Fall collection this morning on my phone I was waiting to get back home to share it on the blog. Sure, almost everyone who has internet and uses Pinterest or Instagram has seen it already but I don’t care, this should stay here for all cyber eternity. It was like a more playful and colorful version of Philo’s highly acclaimed Resort 2014 collection, which is my all time personal favorite, and this one is a close second as of today. Viva Les Philophiles!


Rosetta Getty F/W 2015

With a million collections showcasing everyday, I missed the opportunity to make a post about Rosetta Getty Fall 2015 collection in the middle of New York Fashion Week and I was looking for a free spot everyday since then. The reason I reserved this collection a separate place in my heart is that it has this new breed of luxurious laid back style that you can only find in several other designers (like Lemaire, Hermes or Stella McCartney) but with a more bohemian vibe. Rosetta will surely share the spotlight with Kym Ellery, Rosie Assoulin, Thomas Tait and – even though it’s ridiculous to call him up and coming anymore – J.W. Anderson in the future.


Christopher Esber S/S 2015-16

Esber is a new Aussi on the block, well he’s not actually new but he’s one of my new favorites – hand in hand with Ellery, Bassike, Tome, Maniamania and more – with pieces proudly worn by street style icons such as Christine Centenera and Candice Lake in the past. At only 28 he has a much impressive resume than yours, including but not limited to winning a national design award, representing his country at an American trade delegation and being considered for a prestigious emerging talent search at London Fashion Week. For this particular collection for example, he spent almost 12 months to create a Swiss-made bouclé fabric to perfectly mirror the image of a woman on a beach wrapping herself up in a towel. An effortless style that took all the effort in the world, that’s what luxury and perfection is to me.


Bassike F/W 2015

This is not the first, or second time I’m writing about a new collection of Bassike, an Australian label established in 2006 by designers Deborah Sams & Mary-Lou Ryan, cementing my bond with Australian fashion and proving more and more that I belong to the land down under more than anywhere else in the world. Focusing on sustainable manufacturing, Bassike is creating wardrobe staples with a very specific aesthetic influenced by the contrasts of loose Australian beach style and the integrity and simplicity of Japanese design. Having said that, I’ll have all of the pants and coats please.


Low Classic F/W 2015

I recently realized, as I was trying to figure out and describe my ideal style, that my favorite kind of minimalism is the one where classic silhouettes & clean cuts and witty & unexpected details can coexist in harmony. Most of the time collections fall in the opposite ends of the spectrum; either too simple & boring or disturbingly far-fetched but it’s safe to say that Low Classic, a Korean brand founded in 2009 which for me was the highlight of Seoul Fashion Week, nailed it. The classics: color palette, oversized silhouettes, laid back style perfectly adaptable for daily life. The surprises: fringe and stitch details, patchwork skirt and coats, daisy shaped cutouts, asymmetrical hems. It’s like Phoebe Philo and Jonathan Anderson got together and had a love child.