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Wes Gordon Resort 2016

I’m perfectly minimal in winter time, it comes naturally actually, black boots + skinny jeans + grey sweaters and if you’re lucky a simple coat is the ultimate uniform, there’s no room for play in the arctic. Which may also be why I’ve turned seasonal bohemian, meaning I lean more towards Chloe than Celine in hot hot summer days but I can’t give up simplicity either. Why did I tell this story? To explain why I particularly loved Wes Gordon Resort 2016; playful and simple, summery in colors but minimal in cuts, a soft and happy collection.


MM6 Maison Margiela Resort 2016

It’s really hard to be in fashion when you personally don’t like the style of a fashion genius, I may be the only person who was glad when Dior went back to being Dior in the hands of Raf Simons rather than Galliano’s over the top designs that had nothing to do with the brand’s aesthetic. So while the rest of the world was going crazy over John Galliano taking over Margiela all I could think was he better not ruin MM6, the easy-to-wear line of the house that comfortably nods to the more conceptual ready-to-wear and couture collections. And as much as I loved what he offered for Maison Margiela and think they are a good fit, I’m really glad that MM6 still is overseen by the collective. The multifaceted pieces that can be worn two ways, the playful styling details (the only people who love wearing bras over shirts more than Leandra Medine are Maison Margiela workers) and looks that center on the clash of ideologies – everything is good old MM6.


Cade NYC S/S 2015

There has to be a secret relation between law and fashion, it simply can’t be a coincidence that the majority of fashion designers, marketers, editors, bloggers (hi) or managers who weren’t educated in fashion used to be lawyers before. Case in point; Bevin Butler, a lawyer turned designer & founder of the brand Cade Nyc, found herself wanting accessible yet sophisticated suits that were both sharp & inspired and it was during this time that she began envisioning her own collection of architectural silhouettes that would elevate her days at the office and also compliment her evenings out. The result: a collection of tailored separates with classic roots and a contemporary aesthetic, that delivers a sense of confidence and strength to today’s modern woman. If only the lawyers in Turkey were this stylish Bevin.


Christian Dior Resort 2016

Just when you think a resort collection and where it’s shown can’t be topped, Raf Simons steps in and takes your breath away. As beautiful and playful the collection is, it feels like half finished without taking the venue into consideration. Le Palais Bulles, which incredibly is a real place set into a cliffside halfway between Cannes and Monaco and owned by Pierre Cardin right now, looks like a luxury condo from The Flinstones or a lounge of a terracotta spaceship overlooking the most gorgeous view two eyes can witness. The architect Antti Lovag says his creations are for players and adventurers, “The straight line is an aggression against nature” he adds, much like another supernatural colleague of his, Antoni Gaudi. No wonder Simons picked this Riviera haven to celebrate his whimsical collection where he even reinterpreted The Bar jacket in his own language: at ease and without restrictions.


Louis Vuitton Resort 2016

Was there ever a 51 piece resort collection (or a regular season collection for that matter) you loved every single piece so dearly that you can’t possibly decide which one goes as the featured image? Well that never happened to me before, until Nicolas Ghesquière’s latest Louis Vuitton collection showcased at the Bob Hope estate in Palm Springs, California. It’s on the rise lately for world’s most luxurious brands to have runway shows outside fashion week schedules to maximize the attention span and get people to talk about the collection more and longer, but this one don’t need no spectacle to get the spotlight. Sweet and hard, experimental yet unconstrained; Ghesquière is better than he ever was. And that says a lot.