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Pari Desai F/W 2015

I love the internet, I just freakin love it. Just when you think you’ve seen and found out about every possible thing after senselessly surfing (is it still a word?) for hours, days, weeks and months; comes a day where you discover a new brand, artist, magazine, blog or something that rocks your world. Pari Desai is that wonder on this very regular Wednesday, just days before fashion month kicks off. A luxury apparel & accessories brand from Los Angeles, Pari Desai works with global artisans and local manufacturers to create goods characterized by combining fine materials, artisanal techniques and contemporary culture. Everything you should be wearing this fall is here. Shoppable at Shopbop. You’re welcome.


AltewaiSaome S/S 2016

AltewaiSaome is no stranger to TFM, I’ve featured them 3 times before and first one was back in 2011 when it was just an emerging brand with futuristic designs that were somehow appealing to me, and boy have times changed for good, not only for them but for my taste as well. This is by far their most laid back, clean and fluid collection with no unnecessary adornment or shape play, an error most minimalist designers fall into to have an edge, but rather shining out with whimsical little rope details complementing the designs. Kudos to the best collection of Stockholm Fashion Week Spring 2016.


Filippa K S/S 2016

When Acne became a worldwide famous brand and moved the shows to Paris – hence abandoning their famous Scandinavian minimalism for a more contemporary and maximal style approach – there was a hole that was waiting to be filled. A hole that is now being occupied by Filippa K, whenever I look at their collections I always see good old Acne’s basic statement pieces; perfect leather jackets, impeccably tailored trousers, silk dresses, cotton t-shirts, proportion play, layering, androgen style – the whole package. I still love the new Acne to death but it’s so nice to still have an old Acne too.


Linie F/W 2015

We are seeing eye to eye with Swedish designer Maria Hedmark when it comes to thinking womenswear lack construction quality compared to menswear and thank god, unlike me, she has the resources to fix this issue. Her brand, Linie NYC, came into being when she came to the aforementioned realization while creating impeccably outfitted menswear pieces and we were blessed with a fall collection that focuses on simplicity and detail-oriented tailoring.

Ajla Ayidan SS15

Ajla Ayidan Spring 2015

I know the spring summer season is over (shopping for spring summer season was like ages ago) but since Ajla Ayidan brought forth one of the most inspiring collections I’ve ever seen in my life, one that I’ve been meaning to make a post about for so long, I figured I should put it out there no matter what. The source of inspiration for the Air Desired collection is the grid paintings of Agnes Martin, turning her minimal aesthetic of creating wearable garments into structured, contemporary pieces with subtle hints of energy. Even the styling is so stimulating I just want to stare at the collection until I soak it all in.