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Zara Studio A/W 2015

There was a time when it was September that I started shopping for new season, thus went bankrupted year after year around the same time, and I made my peace with it. I saved up, unlike other people who spend all their money on June sales, I held myself back all summer long and went nuts when autumn hit. And as you can guess most of those aforementioned savings went to Zara, but I guess Zara is unwilling to wait until September to clean me out – the new Studio collection already hit the stores and I’m hopeless. The slit skirt, the midi white structured tunic, flare pants, frilled crop tops… where do I begin? How do I stop?

Elizabeth and James Resort 2016 15a

Elizabeth and James Resort 2016

Is it just my wishful thinking mind that’s unfortunately too closely attached to my wallet or is the latest Elizabeth and James Resort 2016 collection a toned down, more wearable and a lot more affordable version of The Row? There’s no reason why not, the repeating success of the brand inspires almost every other collection in the world, why shouldn’t it influence one of the house’s own brands? Not that it was anything other than minimal before but this particular collection steps on the toes of its sister brand more obviously this time, leaving me with utter joy knowing I can afford something that looks like The Row – from the designers of The Row –  in this lifetime.

Ports 1961 Resort 2016 8

Ports 1961 Resort 2016

At the hands of Central Saint Martins graduate Natasa Cagalj, Ports 1961 turned into an artisanal brand with cohesive collections (there has only been 2 – fall and resort – but even that is enough to give credit to the designer) from one with a split personality and no message. “I wanted to celebrate the haphazard beauty of the design process, embracing its trials and errors, all those bumps in the road that sometimes make for unpredictable yet creative results.” she said and made her point through details such as the shirt with moodboard like color schemes on or the chunks of thread wrapped around garments or model’s wrists from time to time. As for my personal point of view, I’m deliriously happy to have found a new brand to look out for each season and will surely be trying to expand my Ports 1961 collection just as soon as I get my hands on those knot sneakers.


Dion Lee Resort 2016

Almost all of Dion Lee’s previous collections were a little too futuristic and geometric for my taste; as much as I love minimalism I was never a fan of futurism, overly sculptural designs and concepts.  So it makes me so glad to see that the brand has softened its tone for Resort and came up with a much lighter and fluid collection with sculptural details such as cleavage bridges or laser cuts or even the Dion Lee signature slits. Perfect balance, clothes you want to wear all summer long presented with a tranquil campaign. You got yourself a new fan Dion Lee.


Victoria Beckham Resort 2016

You know I like it baad when I drop everything else and publish a second post that day about a new collection, you know I am head over heels in love when I postpone eating donuts to stay at home and make the post. Donuts people. On national doughnut day. That’s how good this collection is. It’s safe to say that she finally established herself in this crazy realm called fashion, knows her customer better than ever, and with the main theme being asymmetry, shapes all loose and boxy, shoes all flat and colors black, white and red – she is playing for the crown of The Row, or maybe even – yes I’ll say it – Celine. OK it’s a long shot but, you know. Not bad for a former WAG and Spice Girl, posh Spice that is, with a fashion sense limited to high heels and body con dresses. Who knew!