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Ellery Resort 2016

When a photo of one of the Resort collections popped on my Pinterest feed this week, I found myself swimming in the pool of images from old seasons, searching for inspiration from all the collections I missed at the time. This one must have fell around the time I didn’t want to post anymore about Resort because there can’t be any other explanation to why I skipped the ever marvelous Ellery collection. Inspired by Anita Pallenberg but in a dominantly Ellery perspective, Kym reinterpreted the 70’s in her own structural, voluminous and fluid way – the signature flare got a makeover and got shorter for example, necks were adorned with chokers and teddy jackets & peacoats appeared; but the tailoring was pure Ellery. Sooo, resort is the time that falls between pre-fall and spring/summer collections which means, we can wear these now? No?


Nehera Pre-Fall 2015

I love a brand that puts a good underdog/comeback story right next to their distinctive, clean and edgy style – a refreshing brand with a heritage, another successful revival story to add to the big book of fashion (not as big a revival as Céline, Carven, Kenzo etc per se, but still noteworthy). Founded by Jan Nehera, a Czechoslovakian entrepreneur, in the first half of the 20th century and managed to become a dominant Eastern European brand with over 130 stores before World War II; Nehera was acquired by Ladislav Zdut in 1998 and left in the talented hands of Samuel Drira in 2014. Drira, which will come as NO surprise at all, is a French stylist and creative consultant who has worked with luxury brands such as Hermès, The Row and Christophe Lemaire, which are all known for their modern takes on timeless classics made with an incomparable quality, and he is determined to establish that same principal at Nehera. I missed the Pre-Fall 2015 for some reason (cough, because didn’t cover it …


Femme Maison F/W 2012

I wish I had opened a category for this, since it’s the first time I’m posting a collection so good but so old I don’t know where to put it. It’s absolutely not shoppable anymore but the styling is undeniably inspiring on so many levels that I had to share it on the blog. Femme Maison is an Austrian luxury women’s wear brand with a philosophy of expressing a distinctive minimalism and understatement through innovative designs for a self-aware, feminine vision of the woman. And those shoes, good God, a whole season before Céline’s big bird pumps.


Litkovskaya Spring 2016

I’m officially putting Tbilisi as one of the 5 fashion cities to watch after the big 4 because I’m totally crazy about almost every single designer that showed during fashion week; however I have one favorite that exceeded all expectations. Seen before on Miroslava Duma and many other street style stars; androgynous silhouettes of Lilia Litkovskaya made with impeccable tailoring techniques took the spotlight. Not a brand to watch, a brand to look forward to.


Beaufille S/S 2016

Beaufille is the literal pride and joy of not only Toronto but the entire Canadian fashion scene; besides talents like Erdem Moralioglu and Thomas Tait starting here but spreading their wings in London, there aren’t any other remarkable, world class Canadian designers out there. For this retro-futuristic spring/summer 2016 collection, sisters Parris and Chloé Gordon relied more on their intuition rather than deducting from a concept, giving seasonal trends such as eyelet and big flares a go with their own voice. My personal favorite of the duo is still the f/w 2015 collection though, but that may just be because I’m a fall girl.