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Best of MET Gala 2017

My favorite red carpet event of the year has come and gone (though I must admit the past few years I love Cannes red carpet more than the MET Gala) and I’m left with the task of narrowing down my favorite looks and choosing a winner, which quite frankly wasn’t hard at all this year. Resident MET Gala winner Rihanna came in and shot the whole thing down, she is the unanimous queen, best dressed in every single list you’ll find online today. Everyone else, well I chose them either because they stayed true to the dress code, which was to dress “avant-garde”, or because they stayed true to the theme, which was Rei Kawakubo x Comme des Garçons (no one else managed to tick off both boxes besides Rihanna and Helen Lasichanh, maybe Katy Perry). Here are the 45 best looks (yes that’s my narrowed down version) from MET Gala 2017: Rei Kawakubo x Comme des Garçons.


Best of 2017 Academy Awards Red Carpet

If it weren’t for Taraji P.Henson and the final 4 (meaning the last 4 memorable arrivals on the red carpet: Emma Stone, Brie Larson, Viola Davis and Naomie Harris) this red carpet could have easily gone in history as the worst of the worst. So many fails, safe and boring choices, I’m really underwhelmed of everything I’ve seen tonight – and quite frankly really disappointed since this will be the last major red carpet till MET Gala in May. It was so bad that I HAD TO add Dakota Johnson in that should-have-been-beautiful-but-it’s-not butter Gucci and her weird hair & Jessica Biel in that gorgeous Kaufmanfranco that she managed to ruin with that horrible necklace to the best dressed list in order to reach 20 looks in total. Couple of notes to take before wedding/prom season: black velvet is IN so deep that.. OK I’m not going to make a sex joke about it but it’s IN. Also high neck red gowns, if you’re looking for an alternative style that non of your cousins will …


Best of 2017 SAG Awards Red Carpet

I’m fairly certain it’s not a coincidence almost all award shows are lined up in the two months the entire north hemisphere hates the most. I don’t know where else I’d find the will to dress up if it weren’t for all the beautiful, colorful, embellished, sequinned, gorgeous gowns on the red carpet. Here, to make your Monday a little bit better, my picks for 25 best dressed at SAG Awards.


Best of 2017 Golden Globe Awards Red Carpet

When you’re a fashion blogger who’s crazy about sports (football, mostly), trying to follow a red carpet airing at the same time as a playoff game can be more torturous than joyful, but I did it. And thanks to pink dresses with stars on it, playful sequins, beautiful maternity looks, deep plunges and masterful hemlines, it was all worth wearing out the back button of the remote. Here are my favorite 25 looks from the Golden Globe Awards red carpet:


Best of 2016 Emmy Awards Red Carpet

If it wasn’t for Claire Danes, or maybe Sarah Paulson, I would have been writing about some fashion week stuff right now instead of this post. I know Emmy Awards is the least exciting red carpet event in the world which is why I always choose NFL over it and catch up with it later (awkward E! interviews don’t help either) but this time I couldn’t even find inspiration for my next wedding outfit, I gotta say. All that money, stylists at your doorstep, god given looks and this is the best you can do? I can choose 5 different gowns on sale right now that would be a better choice than what some of these women were wearing, but I owe it to a handful of gals who deserved to be praised, so here is my best dressed list of the 68th Emmy Awards.