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Talk to The Tee

I love t-shirts, just love them. I actually don’t wear anything else other than t-shirts all year long. In winter they are the first layer under any sweater, in summer they’re all I wear. I have several fancy tops, camis or button downs in my wardrobe but none of them can even come close to the bond I have with my t-shirts. This summer though, there is something that can make me put basic tees on the back burner; graphic tees (best I can do). Not those cheesy quoted or “funny” tees though, cool graphic tees. I started with the 1987 Velvet Tees and I don’t intend to stop anytime soon.

fishnet socks

Hook, Line, and Sinker

When I saw this fishnet trend coming last year after the Proenza Schouler Fall 2015 show I immediately thought of 2 things: 1) Chandler not liking girls in fishnet stockings because they remind him of his father in fishnet stockings and 2) how I once wore fishnet socks with ballet flats and skinny jeans when I was 17 years old and vowed to never ever wear them again. Well, I wasn’t aware of how fashion worked back then so the mistakes and promises made at that time don’t count, because I already bought myself the tackiest pair of fishnet tights I found in a drug store and counting down days to pair it with sneakers and cropped pants. I didn’t even put up resistance, just accepted it, like that.

Round Handle Bags

Round It Goes

This might be the most comeback comeback trend since the shoulder pad invasion back in 2010, and this time it doesn’t look like we’re going to regret it in a year or so. The last round handle bag I saw was either a beach bag or my grandmother’s money purse, but they sure as hell weren’t as cool as these new wave metal handle ones. Carrying a non-cross body bag is as uncomfortable as carrying another person on my shoulders so I prefer the long strap ones that has the metal handle as detail + handle option but if you have faith in your hands more than I do, here are the most beautiful round handle bags out there to buy.


90’s Calling

I want to see the hands (comments) of all 90’s kids who walked around with a velvet stretchy choker for the better half of their childhood/teenage years after watching Leon: The Professional and I want them to tell me they are not getting sentimental about this 90’s trend coming back hard because I’ve been feeling weird. Around 10 years after that Leon era, on a hectic spring cleaning day, I got so mad at myself for ever thinking that thing was cool and swore to never ever wear anything like that again but here we are, shopping for tattoo chokers, velvet chokers or simply anything wrapped around your neck that’s a call from the 90’s. I wonder what my future self will say about these in 10 years…

The Big Jean File

Golden Age of Blue Jean

Many things are having the time of their lives right now; Alessandro Michele’s Gucci, Leonardo DiCaprio, Donald Trump, founders of Snapchat but nothing quite compares to the golden age of blue jean. After years of living under skinny jean captivity, the legs are finally free like old times and having more fun with the cuffs than ever. It’s all thanks to classic Levi’s 501’s that we have the shape in many variations today but it’s the Vetements pair that’s sold out everywhere and has already became a status symbol is what turned things serious. Of course not everyone can buy that pair (actually almost no one can buy that pair) but there are so many great jeans on sale right now, it’s hard to be sad about not being able to buy the most expensive one.