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One Piece is Better Than Two

Summer ain’t over yet, not by a long shot, and with all the North American extreme heatwaves it seems like it’s going to stay for longer than usual where even city girls will need new swimwear. I finally enjoyed the pool in the park right next to my house for the first time in 3 years, that was something I was avoiding because of the crowd but the humidity made that choice inevitable. But that wasn’t the only time I wore swimwear coming out of my house, I recently discovered that one piece swimsuits are perfect summer tops, better than tees, better than bodysuits. Ok they may not have the crotch opening which makes peeing a torture but the stretchy fabric means no bra required. Heaven on hell. image sources: tao of sophia, wolfcub Save Save Save


Tap Them Three Times

Ever since I realized I have a minimal, masculine style and it’s no use stretching it, colors have not been good friends of mine. Even baby blue or powder pink tie my hands most of the time, anything other than my fantastic 4 (black, white, camel, gray) usually leave me out of breath. However, like every other cardinal rule, this one also has exceptions; two very vivid and striking colors are welcome in my wardrobe as long as they come alone: Gold and red. I prefer gold as the color of detail whereas red is best as a tiny pop of color; red lips, nails, bag, a logo or in extreme cases, shoes. I wore red heels and ballet flats a lot in the past but haven’t thought about them for a long time until this summer. Now it’s almost rude not to wear one so if you don’t already own a pair, take your pick. Close your eyes and tap them three times!


Spotted: Everyday Sequins

I’m usually not that good with noticing details in a pile of “something” at first glance, I know what I like and don’t like but that’s pretty much it, which results in me having to check that said “something” over and over again with %110 attention to figure out styling tricks, accessories, lengths etc. Though that was not the case this time, probably because it was so dominant and obvious, sequin pieces put together with casual everyday clothing is like a much too literal yet ironic representation of “street style at a couture week”. Especially Miroslava Duma and Yasmin Sewell’s sequin & oversized blazer combos gave me serious style chills, making me dig up old photos for inspiration too. Here are my picks for the best everyday sequin looks, and a butt load of inspiration for how to wear them.