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Winter Is Coming

Winter is coming, I know you’re scared (not as scared as I am, for sure, but still scared). Black Friday is also coming and I know you’re intimidexcited (so excited but intimidated by all the sales and don’t know what to buy where). I have good news: SHOPBOP‘s legendary Buy More & Save More sale starts TODAY and will go on until November 30th midnight pacific time! The sale will include all full priced & reduced items, with code GOBIG15 you will get %15 off of orders over $250, %20 off of orders over $500 and %25 off of orders over $1000. So to make things even easier for you, I picked some of my all time favorite winter looks and made the ultimate winter shopping list for you below. There’s nothing to be scared anymore.


Second Skin

If you are going to invest in any pair of boots that is not black, it should be one thing and one thing only: snakeskin boot(ie)s. They have already become the most coveted print of the season both for 60’s bohemian souls (thank you Gucci) and cool millennial chicks (thank you Vetements). While my favorite styling is always with cropped denim and an edgy jacket or oversized coat (I’m aware I’m describing the Vetements lookbook exactly) there are so many choices and so many ways to wear them so don’t be intimidated by the print and give it a chance.


Apple Of My Eyelet

If I only had a limited space of one word only for this post it would have been Jacquemus. One single brand, one big trend. Sure metal eyelets, big or small, is no new concept in the fashion industry. Actually Isabel Marant has been using it on almost all of her designs for years, Anthony Vaccarello made repetitive tiny eyelets his signature “design” etc but it was Jacquemus and the huge eyelet clasps that put it back in the trend spotlight. And it’s so good I know you want one too. Yeah you do.

Activewear inspiration 31

Clothes, Sweat and Tears

There’s this mockery about Turkish people (and Italians I guess) that we only love watching sports but almost never play anything and unfortunately I found that to be true, looking at my and my friends’ workout habits. My personal sports life began when I was around 13 years old; I loved watching tennis so much but it never occurred to me to play even though there was a pretty decent court in our estate’s garden until my parents bought myself my very own tennis gear. I’m talking about a skirt with the built in tights so you can put your extra ball there between serves, serious stuff, so I had no choice but to actually start playing it and to my luck, I ended up being really good at it. That was when I realized that as long as you give me pretty clothes, I can do anything. Sounds awfully superficial, but it’s true. So two years ago when I decided to go to the gym, I hit the stores. Last year when I wanted …


Baby Got Back

There may or may not be a time in history that I wore my top backwards by mistake. This may have happened more than once. I might have even done it on purpose after a while, since I didn’t show anyone (photos or it didn’t happen) I can’t claim that I thought of it first but honestly, I’ve always been a fan of wearing my button downs backwards. Once I even realized that I’m wearing it the wrong way when I lent the aforementioned blouse to my best friend and saw her wearing the other way around. Long story short; open backs are in, bras are out. PS: The Friends & Family %25 off sale is on at Shopbop for 3 days only with the code INTHEFAM25, don’t miss out!