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In The Swim of Things

As we dramatically and suddenly changed our plans to go (back) to Turkey for summer vacation, I am left with only two weeks to load up on all my swimwear needs (it doesn’t matter how many bikinis I already have, one always needs new beachwear every year) and I started to regret not checking out swimsuits before and saving for later, that was until I discovered this online boutique, a website dedicated to – well literally – swimwear. Bikinis, one pieces and cover ups of different brands all gathered together with a price match guarantee; this god sent website is getting me ready for summer. After getting this striped swimsuit from Saha I may not need anything else actually, but there are still couple (lots) more favorites that I’d have bought had I not been a bankrupted shopaholic.


Hat Trick

It may come as a surprise that I bought my first ever “I’m going to wear this hat” hat and not a “this would look good on the wall till I get myself to put it on” hat last year when I went out shopping and it unexpectedly started raining, leaving my frizzy hair in an unspeakable shape, forcing me to finally consider a fedora. The first one was of course black, an all black simple fedora from Urban Outfitters. I loved it so much that the family started to grow rapidly, an heather grey felt hat from Lack of Color (see irl here) and a camel fedora from Asos (on me). Next in line? This Janessa Leone straw hat. Now I’m not calling it a trend because I have three but because I’ve been seeing hats everywhere, so if three’s a trend what exactly is a million?

Best Instagram Photos18


My life has several milestones, like everybody else, such as moving to Montreal, starting to work in fashion, getting married and – unlike everybody else – using Instagram. Before, I was living life more free, not thinking about photographic excellence any day everyday up to a point of regret even after a beautiful day because I couldn’t take any good photos or being grumpy because I didn’t get enough likes that day. It really is crazy but at the end – believe it or not – it’s worth it. I’ve always been into photography and taking beautiful snaps of life’s little details makes me happy, if not insane or broke. Because aside from the time going into it and the endurance to judging stares of other people as I’m trying to jump over a table in a café, it takes some shopping to make your house Instagram ready. My go to place for reasonably priced décor like utensils or blankets is Simons since they have a nicely curated home section like it’s created for Instagram …


Yeti Feet, Happy Feet

When a trend manages to be super repellant and unorthodox, almost preposterous at the same time, you can bet all your money on me falling for it. Or better yet, put your money on these furry shoes (my favorites are these Undercover and Senso pairs)- mostly sandals – that will keep your feet warm when you absolutely don’t need it at all (unless you are one of those street style star wannabes at winter fashion weeks). I am literally attracted to how ugly they look, I think this really is a fashion thing and I’m not expecting anyone to get it. If you do get it but don’t want to spend money on something you probably won’t wear next year, my solution is to get a strong double sided tape and a piece of old fur stole from a vintage shop, cut and paste it on your shoe of choice et voila.


Let The Festivities Begin!

It simply can’t be a coincidence that the first weekend of Coachella, aka the debut of festival season, and the unbelievable SHOPBOP spring sale is happening at the same time. I’m sure the god of music and god of shopping are finger touching above because they don’t want you to wear the same quotidien stuff to festivals, the only place where it’s acceptable to look like you came straight out of a 60’s newspaper clipping. To that end, you can get %25 off of your entire order at SHOPBOP with the code SPRING25 until April 10th 4AM EST, there are some brand exclusions but I can assure you that everything you see in this post will be %25 off. EVERYTHING. Click through to see some major festival style inspiration and shop all those looks.