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Scarf Tie Optional

I was never good at accessorizing, layering is something else but polishing the outfit with anything other than bags and jewelry (sometimes even those) is always too much for me. Though I have to admit sometimes it’s that little detail that saves and uplifts the entire look and I think the skinny scarf is one of those things that you don’t know you need until you do. Even though it recently became a trend with Saint Laurent S/S 2015 and reached a mainstream status with Chloe F/W 2015, my credit goes to Kate Moss whose photos wearing those iconic rocker chic outfits with skinny scarfs wrapped as ties around her neck adorned my teenage room walls for far too long.


Wrap a Rope

This particular trend is especially practical for me, as someone who needs to highlight her waist with almost everything she wears, I constantly find myself grabbing ropes, scarves and fabrics I have around and turning them into belts. Thanks to Isabel Marant, Edun, 3.1 Phillip Lim and of course vintage Dior and many more, this old nautical trend has made a grand comeback this spring/summer 2015 season.

saskia diez disc earring

Total Eclipse of The Moon

Just in time to celebrate the meteor shower, summer’s biggest jewelry trend is huge moon earrings and when I say moon I mean half moon, full moon, disc, half circle, full circle – the whole deal, thanks to pre-fall 2015 Celine. Now I’m normally not a big fan of carrying huge weights on my earlobes, or wearing earrings in general for that matter, but the minimal statement factor of these pieces are calling out to me.

mirror sunglasses19

Mirror Mirror On My Eyes

While this mirrored sunglass thing is no new trend (actually it may be as old as the invention of sunglasses itself) this summer you’re probably seeing it everywhere, a little bit more than usual. The reason for that is the Dior craze, every single blogger or celebrity wearing a pair may have made you a little bit insane so I tried to list you some of my “other” favorite mirrored sunglasses – in case you can’t get your hands on Dior or want something different. My personal favorite is the Mykita x Margiela series (I actually already got one, oops), pick one for yourself and get ready to see what a mirror can bring out of your friends. It’s really, really fun.


Slow Dressing

I don’t know the right definition for this style. It’s a subgroup of minimal, a branch of casual, modern rendition of country and toned down version of urban. Since there isn’t name for it (as far as I know) I called it slow dressing, by virtue of slow living. Slow living is a life style that’s been booming for the last couple of years that mainly promotes everything healthy, comfortable, sustainable, of quality and takes time. It includes grinding your own coffee beans, growing your own vegetables, enjoying life in every aspect and not rushing through it. By living this life style you are saying no to everything artificial and stressful, which also includes the way you dress. The people who “dress slowly” always choose eco friendly brands that use quality and sustainable fabrics and timeless, comfortable designs over fast fashion, trendy clothes and cheap craftsmanship. Even though I’m in fashion and somehow obliged to follow new trends to an extent, I find my daily wear is getting more and more close to “slow style” …