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Just Kids

It should come as no surprise to anyone that for no matter whose baby I’m shopping for, I’m the one getting a pair of Converse All Stars the size of a finger or a pair of “skinny jeans” for 12 months that will (did) most probably look like boyfriend jeans on the aforementioned baby which will only make it even cooler. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against dressing a child like a child, in colorful dresses or t-shirts with animated characters on top, frills and florals or tights. I just strongly believe, like an adult’s personal style, it looks much more charming when children dress up with character rather than all looking the same. I don’t know anything about pediatry but I feel the way a child was dressed, or more importantly how much s/he was let dress her/himself seriously impacts the development of their personal style or maybe even how they express themselves in the future. However there’s a thin line between letting the child develop her/his own personal style that is of …

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Time to Frieze

Style-wise, I don’t feel the most inspired when I’m at a fashion show, a store opening event, a music festival or even a night out at the most hip place in town. Nothing and nowhere drives the urge in me to stop and take photos of people more than art galleries, I get moved not only by the stimulating artwork around but also by the attendees who are likely the most eccentric and truly stylish people there can be. I feel like it’s a bad thing the street style scene is expanding to art events though, it may start to take the spontaneity away from it all, but I admittedly very much enjoyed 2015 edition of Frieze New York‘s style looks.


Yeti Feet, Happy Feet

When a trend manages to be super repellant and unorthodox, almost preposterous at the same time, you can bet all your money on me falling for it. Or better yet, put your money on these furry shoes (my favorites are these Undercover and Senso pairs)- mostly sandals – that will keep your feet warm when you absolutely don’t need it at all (unless you are one of those street style star wannabes at winter fashion weeks). I am literally attracted to how ugly they look, I think this really is a fashion thing and I’m not expecting anyone to get it. If you do get it but don’t want to spend money on something you probably won’t wear next year, my solution is to get a strong double sided tape and a piece of old fur stole from a vintage shop, cut and paste it on your shoe of choice et voila.

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Streets Down Under

It’s times like these when the battle in my head between the crazy bugs of Australia and my undying desire to move to Sydney seriously fires up. Like seriously, how bad it actually is over there? Will I be waking up with a snake on my bed, or a crocodile on my door? Will I have beetles falling on my head all the time? Because besides the obvious climate and sea and carefree living thing, lately every new designer that catches my eye is from the land down under, a lot of brands like Lack of Color or Tony Bianco are making me pay a buttload of shipping money and now the street style scene of Australia Fashion Week. Really how awful are these bugs??

Coachella 2015 first weekend 4

Coachella Vibes

Must be some pretty strong vibes though, I was so jealous that I eventually brought the LA weather to a Montreal that welcomed a wave of snow just last week. I’m not kidding, it was snowing 6 days ago and yesterday was bare legs and sandals weather, which makes Coachella street style all the more appealing right now, knowing I can get instant inspiration from one (or more) of the 100 best looks from the first weekend.