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All The Other Ones

I confess that while I was on vacation – meaning I was sleeping on the beach somewhere around the Aegean coast of Turkey – I missed a lot of the fashion week stuff going on, including the menswear fashion shows and the street style spectacle so now I’m trying to catch up. As it’s Friday and we all need some street style inspiration for the weekend (I know I do) I decided to make a “best of” post of all the street style looks that I missed: Paris, Berlin and most recently, New York Men’s Fashion Week. You know you’ll find what you’re looking for among these 55 gorgeous outfits.

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Haute Style de la Rue

I remember the days when haute couture collections didn’t require a fashion week frenzy, when only the people working in the industry knew the dates of the shows. And those (mostly) dresses showcased on the runways were just like scenes out a fantasy for most people, even objects of mockery for the non-fashion folk. Nobody seem to understand what HC is for other than red carpet events and galas. Then came the age of street style, and those impossible dresses started to adorn the real women on real streets in between shows (though it’s safe to count streets of Paris somewhat magical) and everything became more fun. To me, wearing a couture gown on a regular weekday morning is ten times more fairy tale-y than Kate becoming Princess Catherine, so here I share with you my favorite street style looks from Paris Fall 2015 Couture Fashion Week.

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Girls In The Men’s Room

Behind every successful fashion week outing, let it be for womenswear or menswear, there is a serious women’s street style scene making even the least involved pretend to be interested in boy’s clothes. Not for me though, for me these pretty girls are the bonus (and quite frankly the reason we are getting this much street style coverage on menswear fashion weeks as opposed to before) to the men street style providing year long inspiration, but a very favorable bonus since it’s the time industry leading women channel their androgeny the most. Here are my favorite snaps from London & Milan Menswear fashion weeks + Pitti Uomo (Paris and more to come!).

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Such a Pitti

In all the interviews I gave about my blog and style (which to be honest isn’t a lot) I mentioned my affection for menswear and especially men’s street style explicitly, saying that’s in fact what inspires me most and how blown away I am by the quality of menswear and the bravery of the men who carry those looks to life. I wasn’t exaggerating, everything I learned from color combining, layering, simultaneously mastering sartorial perfection and the art of unfinished bohemia is from following menswear. Pitti Uomo in particular is really more about menswear and suiting but still that doesn’t mean we, as women, can’t catch a thing or two. If nothing it’s just 40 outfits of amazing looking men and I don’t think anyone would complain about that on a fine sunday.

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Comes In Matching Sets

Is it a dress? No! Is it a romper? Noo! Can only Taylor Swift or Aussi fashionistas rock it?? Not anymore! Is is appropriate to wear it outside the bedroom or events other than music festivals? YESS! One of the biggest trends of the summer is dressing in matchy matchy sets, and when I say set I don’t just mean black crop tops and skirts, I’m talking about a serious print, texture and color game that not everyone can pull of. I, for instance, am not cut out for the task. I can’t even wear same color head to toe, that’s pretty much why I dislike wearing dresses, so this matchy matchy thing is off limits for me but I’d like to see the rest of the world try. And maybe someday I’ll join you guys. With a black top and skirt.