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Best of Copenhagen FW Street Style

Best of Copenhagen FW Street Style

I have a (bucket) list of cities I want to visit since 2010 that I’m trying my best to cross off as I age and I have another list of cities which are trying their best to make me go nuts as I postpone visiting. Where they overlap? Copenhagen. Besides every other wonderful thing I’ve heard about the Danish capital, the fashion scene is getting more insane every single year. Sure, my inferiority complex would reach its peek (both figuratively and literally, a 5’3″ girl doesn’t stand a chance in Scandinavia) but I’m willing to risk therapy after seeing all these amazing street style looks from Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Best of Paris Couture Week Street Style

Best of Paris Couture Week Street Style

Every fashion week has its own “thing”, just like how every other city has its own, and for me couture fashion week is the most widely inspirational in terms of street style. I can hear you telling me to make my mind and decide if I like menswear street style better more or this, and I can’t lie but admit that menswear inspires me more on a daily basis, but the couture fashion week street style gives me tips on how to dress where I’m most uncomfortable and least inspired getting dressed for: fancy events, night outs, weddings where you don’t want to look like a prom queen etc. Looking chic whilst maintaining your cool is a hard task so here’s to women who had done one heck of a job with it.


No Shorts, No Problem

Check out Perfect Hot-Weather Outfits for Girls Who Hate Shorts by Elif Filyos at Mode This month’s article on is about perfect non-short summer looks. Take it from me, as a girl who built a huge closet over midi everything and pants, you can look good and feel comfortable during summer without ever touching a pair of shorts.


Spotted: Everyday Sequins

I’m usually not that good with noticing details in a pile of “something” at first glance, I know what I like and don’t like but that’s pretty much it, which results in me having to check that said “something” over and over again with %110 attention to figure out styling tricks, accessories, lengths etc. Though that was not the case this time, probably because it was so dominant and obvious, sequin pieces put together with casual everyday clothing is like a much too literal yet ironic representation of “street style at a couture week”. Especially Miroslava Duma and Yasmin Sewell’s sequin & oversized blazer combos gave me serious style chills, making me dig up old photos for inspiration too. Here are my picks for the best everyday sequin looks, and a butt load of inspiration for how to wear them.

Best of Paris Men's FW Street Style

Best of Paris Men’s FW Street Style

For many people Paris is the most beautiful city in the world because of it’s architecture, culture and history but for me its fashion, more so the style of the city itself is one of the main reasons Paris stands above everywhere else in the world. Without the fashion weeks it has the utmost laid back vibe where everyone looks effortless but during fashion weeks the whole city swings into high gear with outfits that look so simple yet well-thought, hiding the charm in the details. Here are the final batch of Menswear Fashion Week street style looks with 65 of my favorite looks from Paris.