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Best of MFW SS2016 Streetstyle 77

Best of MFW Streetstyle

For anyone who lived in Milan for a while (but is not Itailan) witnessing fashion week is like entering an exclusive party that had been kept secret from you all that time; on a regular day Milan is surprisingly un-stylish, 20 somethings destroying the grand heritage of the city with their shiny puffer coats while tourists are tackying up all over Montenapoleone, the real fashion people in the city usually hide in their caves (or private parties) and you’d be lucky if you can spot one or two around Naviglio, 10 Corso Como or Brera. Someone I know even said that Milan is still on top of the fashion scene only thanks to its advanced (60+) fashion scene. But during fashion week, it all changes. Suddenly anywhere you look turns into colorful, meticulously tailored and perfectly styled runways. It’s been 5 years since I left Milan and I see it’s still the same, so here are my picks from Milan Fashion Week streets, with Yoyo Cao and Diletta Bonaiuti as obvious winners.

Best of LFW SS2016 Streetstyle 40

Best of LFW Streetstyle

Is it just me or does anyone else also feel like they are squishing London Fashion Week in between New York and Milan, kind of like a stopover that people still don’t take seriously enough? It’s over too quickly and it still strikes me as a rookie playground, even though it’s my personal favorite after Paris. A vast majority of street style stars just skip London, like it’s not worth it, and we know that some *major* editors don’t even bother coming to the shows. This I think also reflects to the street style scene; however, I managed to gather 70 of my favorite looks from London Fashion Week, thanks to some unfailing superstar bloggers and already cool brit girls.

Best of NYFW SS2016 Streetstyle Part2 18

Best of NYFW Streetstyle Part II

The post that was supposed to be published on Saturday but couldn’t because the owner of this blog forgot the charger to her macbook while packing for Toronto and broke out in hives when she had to do everything on her phone in the middle of fashion week(s); is getting published today even though it’s too late because the second part of New York Fashion Week street style clearly swept away the scene. I love the current state of fashion because even after you look at 90+ photos here, you can’t point out definite trends and dos and don’ts besides the Gucci fur loafers and Chanel slingbacks. In this day and fashion age, every outfit is possible.

Best of NYFW SS2016 Streetstyle Part1 9

Best of NYFW Streetstyle Part I

Every year I find myself struggling to limit the countless awesome streetstyle photos, especially from New York since it takes longer and most of the publications are covering NY more than European fashion weeks, so this season I decided to cut it in half, giving more of my favorite looks a chance to stay here for good. Check out New Yorkers fighting rain with style and get your dose of inspiration for the week.


The Understudy

Shame on me for thinking Stockholm Fashion Week was the last major fashion week before the overwhelming fashion month begins because, as it turns out, there are some pretty bad ass underdog style havens around. Lately, thanks to Daria Shapovalova, Ukraine fashion became more and more relevant and I was aware that Kiev shows a lot of promise but the success of the street style scene was totally unexpected. And then entered a Prague Fashion Week, making me utterly surprised at the fact that how people living in cities with much less spotlight can have such great style senses.