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Streets Down Under

It’s times like these when the battle in my head between the crazy bugs of Australia and my undying desire to move to Sydney seriously fires up. Like seriously, how bad it actually is over there? Will I be waking up with a snake on my bed, or a crocodile on my door? Will I have beetles falling on my head all the time? Because besides the obvious climate and sea and carefree living thing, lately every new designer that catches my eye is from the land down under, a lot of brands like Lack of Color or Tony Bianco are making me pay a buttload of shipping money and now the street style scene of Australia Fashion Week. Really how awful are these bugs??

Coachella 2015 first weekend 4

Coachella Vibes

Must be some pretty strong vibes though, I was so jealous that I eventually brought the LA weather to a Montreal that welcomed a wave of snow just last week. I’m not kidding, it was snowing 6 days ago and yesterday was bare legs and sandals weather, which makes Coachella street style all the more appealing right now, knowing I can get instant inspiration from one (or more) of the 100 best looks from the first weekend.


Let The Festivities Begin!

It simply can’t be a coincidence that the first weekend of Coachella, aka the debut of festival season, and the unbelievable SHOPBOP spring sale is happening at the same time. I’m sure the god of music and god of shopping are finger touching above because they don’t want you to wear the same quotidien stuff to festivals, the only place where it’s acceptable to look like you came straight out of a 60’s newspaper clipping. To that end, you can get %25 off of your entire order at SHOPBOP with the code SPRING25 until April 10th 4AM EST, there are some brand exclusions but I can assure you that everything you see in this post will be %25 off. EVERYTHING. Click through to see some major festival style inspiration and shop all those looks.

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Slide & Go

So the shoe that your boyfriend is going to hate to his very core but you will love more than anything in your closet is here: the flat mule. It combines the oriental aesthetic and comfort of a slipper and chicness of a pointed toe loafer, making your summer days a little better. Lucy from Fashion Me Now and Emerson Fry lookbooks are my ultimate inspirations for the trend which actually requires no inspiration at all; just slip them on with whatever and go! .

Pajama Streetstyle Helena Bordon

Pyjama Party Out

The only clothing category in my closet (or drawers) on which I’ve never ever spent more than $30 is sleepwear. I usually either go with old t-shirts, some cute cotton shorts I’ve bought from Oysho in the past and thermal sweaters that are supposed to be worn underneath sweaters, worn as sleepwear by me. It never made sense to me to spend money on something that’ll wrinkle under the sheets or get stained during breakfast (or, ehm, midnight snacks). Then suddenly, it made sense: wearing your pyjamas (top, bottom or as an ensemble) outside, making it a part of your daily street look. Now I can loosen the purse strings a little. Especially for this Eberjey set. .