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acne babouche

Year of Babouche

I don’t know how to pronounce its name correctly nor can I yet properly distinguish a babouche from a flat mule, but this Moroccan treasure is officially the shoe of 2016 (I’m not saying it, Vogue does). Now you already know me, I’d get behind any comfortable flat trend no matter how repellent it is to a male eye so I’m already the biggest fan of this one. Besides I’d take any chance to look like Princess Jasmine: list of childhood dreams, you’re now half as long.

blue velvet

Who Wears The Socks

I don’t know any other garment that has the ability to turn an outfit into super sexy and extremely repellent all at the same time. Socks have always been a part of my dressing up routine, whether you can see them or not, as my feet are basically bruised by the fraction of air. Couple of years ago, when I was living in Milan, I got into the socks and sandals thing a bit but then I gave it up altogether and it wasn’t until this year that I started to give them another chance. Disclaimer: the fact that I want to keep on dressing as though it’s still autumn when it’s -10 outside made that choice inevitable.

patchwork fur coat14

Patch A Fur

I’m one who’s unapologetically opposed to wearing color (just myself, I don’t have anything against color in general) but just like every other rule in the world, this routine of mine has its exceptions: pastel pink and colorful furs. I’m pretty sure pink thing is something I brought along with me since childhood but I don’t know why I fancy fur coats with crazy colors, particularly patchwork of colors so much. Lucky for me, it’s THE winter overcoat trend of the season so there are plenty of options to choose from. I am always pro faux-fur, and if you have to buy real fur (since faux fur unfortunately doesn’t keep warm) I encourage everyone to shop vintage to at least circulate the already existing fur out there; but of course it is your own choice at the end.


Second Skin

If you are going to invest in any pair of boots that is not black, it should be one thing and one thing only: snakeskin boot(ie)s. They have already become the most coveted print of the season both for 60’s bohemian souls (thank you Gucci) and cool millennial chicks (thank you Vetements). While my favorite styling is always with cropped denim and an edgy jacket or oversized coat (I’m aware I’m describing the Vetements lookbook exactly) there are so many choices and so many ways to wear them so don’t be intimidated by the print and give it a chance.


Apple Of My Eyelet

If I only had a limited space of one word only for this post it would have been Jacquemus. One single brand, one big trend. Sure metal eyelets, big or small, is no new concept in the fashion industry. Actually Isabel Marant has been using it on almost all of her designs for years, Anthony Vaccarello made repetitive tiny eyelets his signature “design” etc but it was Jacquemus and the huge eyelet clasps that put it back in the trend spotlight. And it’s so good I know you want one too. Yeah you do.