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Bang Bang, Fringe is Back

Like every ill-fated woman, I have horror stories about my hair when I was growing up(ish) and a majority of them is around the same idea: trying to grow out my bangs for nearly 5 years after I chopped them off in senior year high school because bangs were about to be ‘in’ and I was one of the first girls in the school to try the new do. Honestly for the first couple of months it was indeed cool, I was the “girl with bangs” but after that it was an emotional roller coaster of ups and downs, I’m going to grow it outs and god it looks awful I have to cut it agains and at the end, when I did manage to grow them, I promised myself that I’d never do it again. And just like every other superficial promise I made to myself, I’m thinking about breaking it now. Why now you ask? Because what Alexa Chung or Zooey Deschanel couldn’t do all these time, Felicity Jones and a parade of …

Less is Really Less

When it comes to Spring/Summer 2015 runway, less make up means no make up at all. So take good care of your skin this winter, we won’t be using anything other than moisturizer or simply a BB or a CC cream (have no idea what they are and how they are used) next spring. A peachy pink blush, silicone brushed rimmel and shiny lipglosses are also allowed & thick and bushy eyebrows are encouraged.