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50 Best Wedding Looks From Bridal Spring 2017

I’m going to be assertive about something: this summer, no one has more (really close) friends getting married than I do. I don’t know what the hell happened that made them all decide to tie the knot the exact same year and make me go bankrupt or miss some weddings I absolutely dread missing, but it happened. So now I feel like it’s more than just a blog post when I write about bridal stuff and even though most of them already bought their dresses, they’re still %100 more into anything wedding related. Long story short, here are my favorite 50 dresses from the Bridal Spring 2017 collections, for those who are getting ready for the big day and those who just like to look at pretty white gowns.

J.Mendel Bridal Spring 2017

To be honest, princess perfect gowns of J.Mendel have never been “my thing” before, I always liked them for sure but they were never dreamy to me, until this spring 2017 bridal collection. Minimal with a bohemian flair, body hugging clean dresses with intricate pleats or embellishments seem perfect for a potential special day. And I like baby blue as an alternative color to classic white, I wasn’t such a big fan of green or pink wedding dresses.