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Wake Me Up, Before You Go Go

I was born in the late 80’s which means my memory of 80’s (music and fashion) is only limited with my subconscious. However; 80’s music is my all time favourite, I find that decade the last gasp of breath before the music industry goes ashtray. Though I never thought that I would enjoy 80’s fashion. After all that time I made fun of my mother’s huge belts, aviator sunglasses, shoulder pads and ripped denim. If you are careful enough you will figure out the exact time-line of trends comeback. I am hereby providing evidence for my future children to mock me as they wish. Yes I did. With pleasure. Ripped jeans ASOS, shoes really old Zara, top&bag Topshop


I’m guessing this name is given because of their comfort, yet I find them to be one of the most uncomfortable pieces of clothing in history. Of course the reason of my belief is partially the romper I wore to a rock festival last year; which resulted in me trying to hold it in avoidance of touching anywhere while I was trying to pee naked in those horrifying toilet booths (sorry). But the moral of the story is ; I wore them despite of knowing that it would be a nightmare for me because they looked AWESOME! Paired with right shoes and accessories, no doubt that you would be the chicest in the room. With the endless flow of jumpsuit stream on the runway of F/W 12 shows, I took it as a chance to pick out my favourite vintage jump jump jumpsuits: 1) Teal & Black Striped 2 Piece Jumpsuit with Belt (80s) – Auction (current price $24.99) 2) Slouchy Ethnic Draped Rayon Jumpsuit (80s) – $78.00 (or best offer) 3) Military Button Pantsuit …

Sheer Sleeves

Let’s get something out in the open: your arms! Thanks to Marc Jacobs, since the beginning of the Fall 2011 season, no matter how much we conceal ourselves, the arms – we have to display, which is fine because they never actually get cold. As long as your back and chest is covered up, who cares abour the arms, right? Besides the likelyhood of the arm clevage being disturbing is really really low since it is not considered an intimate part of the body so its safe. Last, but not least, it is an excellent option to show off your arm candies whilst dressed up in winter. So come on, who wouldn’t like sheer sleeves? 1) Plum Sheer Sleeves Long Blazer (80s) – $50.00 2) Black and Gold One Piece Jumpsuit With Sheer Sleeves (80s) – $70.00 3) Marc Jacobs F/W 2011-2012 4) Navy Blue Sheer Sleeved Blazer (80s) – $40.00 5) Poppy Red Floral Blouse With Sheer Sleeves (90s) – $36.00 6) Fleur de Lis Monogram Print Blazer with Sheer Sleeves – $34.00 7) …

The Skin I Live In

Either be a vamp or a rocker, a fashionista or a lady, you need to have at least one piece of leather clothing in your closet. Let it be a motorcycle jacket, shorts or a pencil skirt; wearing leather has been extremely common since the 80s, in other words since the beginning of the gothic rocker years. Of course this statement is valid for leather clothing, the material itself has been used for practical or decorative purposes for more than 500 years. If you want to go safe, prefer a black motorcycle jacket that would basically go with everything. However I advise you to opt for some more interesting choices such as full skirts, beige shorts, burgundy trousers or green jackets. You won’t need anything else to steal the spotlight. Some people prefer synthetic leather in order to preserve the nature and save animals, but for those who wants to use real leather for quality reasons; I say, at least always use vintage leather so that no more animals would suffer for you (same with …

Tropical Print

Aloha island visiters! Instead of wrapping yourself around the conventional lei and be exposed to lame jokes, try some tropical prints to get into hawaiian mode and start your summer shopping spree with some joy: 1) Hawaiian Watteau Back Hibiscus Maxi Dress (70s) – Auction (current price $9.99) 2) Tropical Floral Lightweight Short Sleeve Shirt (80s) – $20.00 3) Givenchy Two Piece Silk Blouse and Mock Tulip Wrap in Tropical Floral Print (80s) – $75.00 4) Short Tropical Print Dress – $26.00 5) Exotic Tropical Floral Printed Pixie Cotton High Waisted Shorts (90s) – $15.00 6) Bright Red – Orange Tropical Floral One Piece Swimsuit (80s) – $25.00 7) Flowy Tropical Print Deep V Maxi Dress (80s) – Auction (current price $9.99) 8) Racer Back Mini Ruffled Sun Dress (80s) – $52.00 9) Silk Tropical Bird of Hawaii Skirt – $21.49 10) Tropical Rainforest Tank Dress (90s) – $24.00 11) High Waisted Tropical Print Shorts (80s) – $8.00 12) Bright Tropical Floral Romper – $24.00