Fishnet & Sporty Mesh

Commonly deemed as tacky and extremely slutty, the fishnet & sporty mesh made a come back to our closets thanks to Alexander Wang with his S/S 2012 collection. While fishnet is generally referred to honky tonk hosiery, mesh is usually recollected – especially by the 90s generation like me – as the material used in (or at the side of) our sweatpants. Now, sublimating the sportswear as casualwear trend, Wang went (so not) astray by not only using the material as tops but also for applying it the pockets of the bottoms.

Lets take a journey back to our childhood and get our groove on:

1) Hooded White Mesh Layering Jacket (80s) – $33.00

2) White Zip-Up Hoodie With Fishnet Pockets (90s) – $30.00

3) Alexander Wang S/S 2012 Collection

4) Red Net Rocker T-shirt (80s) – $32.00

5) Mesh Open Net Knit Romper with Pockets (80s) – $46.00

6) Black Mesh Hooded Zip-Up Jacket (80s) – $50.00

7) Mesh Retro Neon Green Hooded Unisex Vest (90s) – $25.00

8) Soft Cream Colored Mesh T-shirt (60s) – $34.00

9) Claude Montana Black Mesh Insert Bodysuit (80s) – $60.00

Red As in Valentine

I promise this is the first and only time I am going to give in to a cliche, and I have actually never worn red on a Valentine’s Day (as a matter of fact I’ve never even celebrated Vday; eventhough I found my significant other years ago – I found it meaningless to celebrate the fact that you are in love with someone who loves you back on the same date with everybody else in the world whereas I could celebrate it in my own ways all day everyday) but still, tradition is tradition. No matter what your plans are; if you want to bedazzle your beau with some choices as red as your loving heart, here comes a unique selection:

1) Red Mohair Handknit Jumper (80s) – £24.00

2) Omo Norma Kamali Dress & Jacket (70s) – $425.00

3) Moschino Cheap & Chic Cartoon Coat Dress (90s) – AU$245.00

4) Cherry Red Leather Satchel Bag (60s) – £55.00

5) Red Rib Knit Cotton Wiggle Bodycon Cut Out Back Dress (80s) – Auction (current price $48.95)

6) Bold Red Giant Heart Oversized Knitted Sweater – $72.00

7) Red Sweetheart Swing Bone Corset Off The Shoulder Midi Dress (90s) – Auction (current price $11.49)

8) Raspberry-Red Beaded Silk Chiffon Couture Bias Cut Goddess Evening Gown (30s) – $425.00

9) Red & Black Polka Dot Dress (80s) – £45.00

10) Red Silk & Sequin Party Dress (80s) – $70.00

11) Yves Saint Laurent Red Wide Leg Trousers – $365.00

12) Maroon Red High Waisted Maxi Skirt – $26.00

13) Red Sequin Bow Knit Jumper Mini Dress (80s) – Auction (current price $9.99)

Grunge Revival Part 1


Grunge is a subgenre of alternative rock that emerged during the mid-1980s in Washington, inspired by hardcore punk, heavy metal, and indie rock. Clothing commonly worn by grunge musicians consisted of thrift store items and the typical outdoor clothing of the region, as well as a generally unkempt appearance. The style did not evolve out of a conscious attempt to create an appealing fashion; music journalist Charles R. Cross said, “Kurt Cobain was just too lazy to shampoo,” and Sub Pop’s Jonathan Poneman said, “This [clothing] is cheap, it’s durable, and it’s kind of timeless. It also runs against the grain of the whole flashy aesthetic that existed in the 80s.” (wikipedia)

Grunge clothing can simply be indentified as a toned down hippie, or basically blending pretty pieces such as florals or sheer shirts with combat boots and ripped up denim to create a dirty and messy look. Of course at that time they were actually dirty and nonchalant, but now you can create the look with giving a little thought into it. Do not forget the fundamentals: floral and/or velvet dress, acid wash denim, flannel shirt, cropped tee, jersey anything, maxi tube skirt, combat boots and a backpack, preferably all layered together.

1) Levi’s Denim Cut Out Vest with Pyramid Studs Tie Dyed with Bleach – $95.00

2) Plum Floral Lace Maxi Dress Tail Coat (90s) – Auction (current price $23.50)

3) Green Flannel Plaid Slouch Dolly Mini Dress (90s) – Auction (current price $9.99)

4) Levi’s Cuf Off Acid Wash Jean Shorts (80s) – $25.00

5) Black Crushed Velvet Bodycon Maxi Dress (90s) – $22.00

6) Mini Black Leather Back Pack (90s) – $42.00

7) Men’s Mustard Acrylic Mohair Cardigan (60s) – $30.00

8) Green Plaid Button Up (80s) – $32.00

9) Cream Sheer Lace Cropped Top (90s) – $20.00

10) Floral Baby Doll Dress (90s) – $48.00

11) Black Floral Velvet Maxi Skirt (90s) – Auction (current price $19.99)

12) Black Leather Military Combat Boots – $125.00

13) Ankle Zipper Acid Wash Skinny Jeans (80s) – $58.00

14) Semi Sheer Taupe Shirt (90s) – $32.00

15) Tie Dye Singlet Crop Top (90s) – $20.00

16) Floral Lace Cut Out Fishtail Dress (90s) – $78.00 (or best offer)

17) Chambray Denim Cut Out Shoulders Button Up Shirt (80s) – Auction (current price $31.00)

18) Wolf Full Moon Tank Top (80s) – Auction (current price $19.99)

19) Gray Cable Knit Wool Boyfriend Cardigan (80s) – $68.00

20) Black Leather Lace Up Ankle Boots – $40.00

21) Hippie Inspired Tie Dye Circle Print Tee (90s) – $16.00

22) Olive Green Velvet Long Sleeve Mini Dress (90s) – $35.00

90’s Versace

90s were the years when after decades of definite trends and movements, fashion world broke its chains with the importance of brandization, showing of skin more than ever and muddle of so many rebellious trends. One other thing to reminisce about 90s was Versace; all the magazines were about it, all the supermodels walked their catwalk (at the same time!) and the dresses were so phenomenal that the history wrote one of them as the one and only dress which made an actress from zero to hero in just one night (yes, Elizabeth Hurley). Not to mention that it has its very own Wikipedia page, A DRESS.

Giovanna Battaglia, former editor of L’uomo Vogue now contributing fashion editor of W magazine, also made a scene when she attended a Cannes after party last year wearing a Versace piece from the 90s which shows that they still cause a stir, just becoming more and more special and vintage everyday. It is almost impossible to find a vintage Versace now, instead you can try out some alternatives which will take the same effect:

1) Metallic Beaded Fringe Plunging V Necklace Bandage Mini Dress (80s) – Auction (current price $15.50)

2) Chain Back Plunging Leather Mini Dress (80s) – $465.00

3) Chain Bustier Bodycon Dress – $44.00

4) John Santana Knit Rhinestone Cage Bodycon Mini Dress (80s) – $136.00

5) Kristen McMenamy in ‘Black Is Back’ by S. Meisel for Vogue Italy July 92

6) Metal O-Ring Cutout Bandage Dress (80s) – Auction (current price $20.50)

7) Chain Link Denim Pants (90s) – $92.00

8) Elizabeth Hurley at the premiere of Four Weddings and a Funeral in 1994 wearing “that dress”

9) Starla Studded Cage Bandage Dress (80s) – $65.00

Animal Print Vol 2: Sweaters

I’m not going to write the same things again, or even try to come up with new text about animal prints. You can find the earlier post here, this time there are less horsies and more foxes, birds, geeks, tigers etc and its ALL about sweaters :

1) Over the Shoulder Panther Sweater – $24.00

2) Jones New York Horse Print Equestrian Sweater (80s) – Auction (sp $9.95)

3) Krizia Smoking Fox Sweater – $299.99

4) Gray Geek Print Oversized Sweater (80s) – $34.00

5) Red Novelty Penguin Sweater (90s) – Auction (sp $19.99)

6) Panda Bear Knit Sweater (80s) – $19.80

7) Novelty Tiger Print Oversized Knit Sweater – Auction (sp $16.00)

8) Embelished Sequin & Gem Fox Sweater – $75.00

9) Lion Print Knit Sweater – $33.00

10) Cowichan Novelty Eagle Print Oversized Sweater (60s) – Auction (sp $16.00)

11) Cream Wool Duck Print Nordic Sweater (80s) – Auction (sp $9.99)