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Animal Print Vol 2: Sweaters

I’m not going to write the same things again, or even try to come up with new text about animal prints. You can find the earlier post here, this time there are less horsies and more foxes, birds, geeks, tigers etc and its ALL about sweaters : 1) Over the Shoulder Panther Sweater – $24.00 2) Jones New York Horse Print Equestrian Sweater (80s) – Auction (sp $9.95) 3) Krizia Smoking Fox Sweater – $299.99 4) Gray Geek Print Oversized Sweater (80s) – $34.00 5) Red Novelty Penguin Sweater (90s) – Auction (sp $19.99) 6) Panda Bear Knit Sweater (80s) – $19.80 7) Novelty Tiger Print Oversized Knit Sweater – Auction (sp $16.00) 8) Embelished Sequin & Gem Fox Sweater – $75.00 9) Lion Print Knit Sweater – $33.00 10) Cowichan Novelty Eagle Print Oversized Sweater (60s) – Auction (sp $16.00) 11) Cream Wool Duck Print Nordic Sweater (80s) – Auction (sp $9.99)

Animal Print

The one season when someone says animal print the first thing pops into your mind isn’t leopard or zebra but actual animal (horse, gorilla, bird, fox, wolf, eagle, dog or whatever) prints. To tell the truth I am a bigger fan of the actual heads rather than the skin prints because they are cooler and geeky and that is perfect for a girl like me who likes to dress a little repellant. If you are also one of those who thinks anything sexy is askew on them, join the club: 1) Oversized Horse Pattern Blanket Coat – $73.00 2) Tribal Animal Pattern Sweater (80s) – $27.00 3) Horse Prints Fleece Pullover Jacket (80s) – $58.00 4) Gray Tribal Eagle Knit Sweater Zip Up Jacket (80s) – $78.00 5) Horse Print Sweater Cardigan (70s) – $89.00 (now on sale for $80.00) 6) Goose and Rooster Print Knit Pencil Skirt – $42.00 7) Horse Printed Knitted Hoody (90s) – £34.00 8) Neuma Gray Duck Print Sweater – $229.99 (or best offer)