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Best of Sydney Fashion Week Street Style

I can count on Sydney for many things; a beautiful sunset photo from the Bondi Beach that will cheer me up no matter what, lots of beautiful people living there (like my friend Ilkin, seen above glowing in white), a sense of belonging even though I’ve never been to Australia once and of course, a fool-proof street style scene during fashion weeks. This was the first time there was a fashion week for Resort collections anywhere in the world and even though I’m not %100 sure about this, I’m thinking it’s because of the season clash between continents. Whatevs, mates from Sydney don’t care about seasons or weather, they provide year round inspiration and here are my favorites.

Comes In Matching Sets

Is it a dress? No! Is it a romper? Noo! Can only Taylor Swift or Aussi fashionistas rock it?? Not anymore! Is is appropriate to wear it outside the bedroom or events other than music festivals? YESS! One of the biggest trends of the summer is dressing in matchy matchy sets, and when I say set I don’t just mean black crop tops and skirts, I’m talking about a serious print, texture and color game that not everyone can pull of. I, for instance, am not cut out for the task. I can’t even wear same color head to toe, that’s pretty much why I dislike wearing dresses, so this matchy matchy thing is off limits for me but I’d like to see the rest of the world try. And maybe someday I’ll join you guys. With a black top and skirt.

Streets Down Under

It’s times like these when the battle in my head between the crazy bugs of Australia and my undying desire to move to Sydney seriously fires up. Like seriously, how bad it actually is over there? Will I be waking up with a snake on my bed, or a crocodile on my door? Will I have beetles falling on my head all the time? Because besides the obvious climate and sea and carefree living thing, lately every new designer that catches my eye is from the land down under, a lot of brands like Lack of Color or Tony Bianco are making me pay a buttload of shipping money and now the street style scene of Australia Fashion Week. Really how awful are these bugs??