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Out of Line

Anthony Vaccarello Fall 2015 Now this is not a beauty trend I’m going to encourage you to include in your daily makeup routine or even for night time, but it obviously is a trend for fall 2015 and at least it’s an amazing excuse for your ruined eyeliner looks. Let it be a brushstroke at haphazard, upward facing liner, mirror eyelashes on your eyelids, harry potter streaks of lightning around your eyes or even the look you get when you scratch your eye out whilst wearing eyeshadow; the lines on/around/under your eyes should be out of line this fall. Intentionally.

Less is Really Less

When it comes to Spring/Summer 2015 runway, less make up means no make up at all. So take good care of your skin this winter, we won’t be using anything other than moisturizer or simply a BB or a CC cream (have no idea what they are and how they are used) next spring. A peachy pink blush, silicone brushed rimmel and shiny lipglosses are also allowed & thick and bushy eyebrows are encouraged.