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Couple of days ago when I saw a beautiful girl out in the daylight with a super natural golden eye shadow and no other makeup on her face (of whom I wanted to take a photo so bad but was afraid to look like a freak) I realized that gold eye makeup is an overlooked fraction of daily beauty routine as well as party looks. Especially now that it’s officially winter and we all need that little shimmer around our eyes to replace the gleam in them, I propose we lightly use gold eyeshadow especially around the inner eye corner if not under brows and compliment with black mascara only. I refuse to give in to the winter moodiness, not quite yet.

Platinum Challenge

Ok first of all I know that the hair above is beyond platinum but it was so freakin beautiful that I had to put it here. Second of all, I’ve never wanted to do anything with my hair more than I want to dye it platinum blonde right now. I hardly believe that it would work on me; a wheat skinned girl with black brows, high cheekbones and a big nose, most probably I’d look just as bad as I did last Halloween with the “Sandy” wig. But I still want to give it a try, so so bad. Two things holding me back: 1) the effort and money that will go into dyeing it every 2 weeks (I’m extremely lazy when it comes to hair) 2) my non-dyed silky hair will be ruined forever. Have you tried it? Do you have any comments or recommendations? Should I give it a go?

In Too Deep

It’s almost impossible to describe this particular and exquisite shade of red. It’s not burgundy, definitely not maroon. Not apple red, pretty sure not vermillion either. Closest I can come is Venetian red, or to put it more simply, a deep red. Perfect for fall make up (and spring 2015 make up, thinks Christopher Bailey for Burberry), this shade would look good on every skin tone and for every occasion. How do  I know? MAC Ruby Woo – which I can crown as the king of all lipsticks in the world – is the only shade of lipstick I’ve ever worn, will ever wear with confidence day & night. Hint: choose a matte lipstick in a rich hue for a more refined and striking look & always use a lipliner.

Less is Really Less

When it comes to Spring/Summer 2015 runway, less make up means no make up at all. So take good care of your skin this winter, we won’t be using anything other than moisturizer or simply a BB or a CC cream (have no idea what they are and how they are used) next spring. A peachy pink blush, silicone brushed rimmel and shiny lipglosses are also allowed & thick and bushy eyebrows are encouraged.