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Best of Bridal Fall 2017

Another bridal fashion week has come and gone with gowns making me resent every single choice I made at my wedding and my only consolation is the fact that I didn’t have the time or the money to get or have tailored any of these dresses. But if you are a future bride (don’t have to have a prospect, I started my dream wedding dress folder years before and helped many brides ever since) here are the 60 best bridal looks for fall weddings of 2017.

Best of Barcelona Bridal Week 2016

I wasn’t over the fact that there actually is a bridal fashion week yet and then came a Barcelona bridal week, I guess the designers just weren’t satisfied enough of my despair swooning over wedding gowns I’ll never get to wear or even dream of wearing (already married gal here). One bullet I’m glad I’m dodging though, there seems to be a shirt collar on wedding dresses trend going on which is possibly the worst thing you can make me wear, I can’t even wear shirt collared shirts – I either cut them, hide them or open my cleavage so wide that they are not visible anymore. On my wedding gown, no thank you. Everything else, yes please.

Best of Bridal Spring 2016

I’m going to be honest with you guys, this bridal fashion week thing is still new to me (it’s been just a few seasons since I’ve realized something like this existed) so I don’t even know if it’s over yet. But there’s a handful of looks that I absolutely love already so I figured it’s time to make the post. I know, being married, I have no business in spending so much time over wedding gowns and bridal trends but for the sake of the job, I do. Not that I still dream about how I’d look in each of these dresses, I’m doing this only for you. Just some trends to note; crop top & skirt combo is still going strong – just with a little more feminine detailing, long sleeved wedding gowns are too many to be missed even though it’s the spring season so I’m sensing a trend there, all kinds of bohemian gowns with Ellery like huge frills and flapper details are now to be accepted and embraced by even not …