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Best of MET Gala 2018

Fashion’s most stylish (and stylishly controversial) night has come and gone with in my opinion one of the most exciting themes ever: Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination. To people who don’t know what it is, MET Gala is the opening of Costume Institute’s exhibition for that year where guests are supposed to dress up according to the theme (and not take it too literal), most of which unfortunately fail every year. It’s also a night where Rihanna always wins. Always. For this year’s theme there was lots to work with; embroidery, fabrics like jacquard or velvet, religious symbols, spiritual elements (such as saint and evil), structure, shape and more importantly head pieces. If none of those work for you, it’s quite the opportunity to make a perfect statement like Lena Waithe.

Best of MET Gala 2017

My favorite red carpet event of the year has come and gone (though I must admit the past few years I love Cannes red carpet more than the MET Gala) and I’m left with the task of narrowing down my favorite looks and choosing a winner, which quite frankly wasn’t hard at all this year. Resident MET Gala winner Rihanna came in and shot the whole thing down, she is the unanimous queen, best dressed in every single list you’ll find online today. Everyone else, well I chose them either because they stayed true to the dress code, which was to dress “avant-garde”, or because they stayed true to the theme, which was Rei Kawakubo x Comme des Garçons (no one else managed to tick off both boxes besides Rihanna and Helen Lasichanh, maybe Katy Perry). Here are the 45 best looks (yes that’s my narrowed down version) from MET Gala 2017: Rei Kawakubo x Comme des Garçons.

25 Best Looks of MET Gala 2015

This year, instead of just listing every single look on the red carpet, I am pushing my invisible indecisive boundaries to pick and moreover, LIST my favorites of the MET Gala – aka the reddest a red carpet could ever be. It wasn’t my favorite MET Gala red carpet to be honest but still, it was a hard task I have to admit. I took into consideration compatibility with the theme (China and how it inspired American designs over the years) courage and creativity. While we’re at it; being naked is not particularly courage in my book so don’t hold your breath if you are planning to see Beyonce or KimK on the list. (And who thought it was a good idea to put Kim in a dress that looked exactly the same as the dress Beyonce wore last year?!) Some side notes: 1) Calvin Klein was a hit for me overall, dressing the coolest of the young girls like Kendall Jenner, Chiara Ferragni and Lorde and nailing it even though it was particularly hard …

60 Most Remarkable Dresses of MET Gala History

It’s finally that time of the year; the most important red carpet event – MET Gala – is going to take place tomorrow and with one of the greatest themes ever: “Punk: Chaos to Couture”. If everything goes as perfect as I hope, this year may go down in history as the best ever. There is so much to discuss on the topic; the origin of punk and how it effected (and is still effecting) fashion and how ironic that actually is etc. But for now, I thought that it would be nice to recapture the most remarkable dresses from the MET Gala history – most shocking, most beautiful and the most theme appropriate. Of course there are hundreds of gowns that I couldn’t remember or couldn’t put in the list because that would be going beyond the aim, but I tried my best. Click through to reminiscence the 60 most remarkable dresses of MET Gala history; from 1999 to 2012, all together with designer names and themes. (Click here to see the 50 most …