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Best Street Style Looks of NYFW Fall 2017

Fashion weeks usually make me really happy, despite all the “circus” leading up to fights between bloggers and editors (that I find really, really lame of editors btw), I look forward to fresh inspiration from runways and streets. However this time New York Fashion Week kind of made me sad when I saw all these amazing women looking just as fine even during horrible winter conditions, something which I always claim is the reason why I look like crap in winter. Apparently it’s not winter, it’s me. Here’s hoping these 100 best looks from NYFW starring Ramya Giangola and Jan Michael Quammie will light a fire in me.

Best of NYFW S/S 2017 Street Style

Started off as a boring one but made the ending with some splash (and dreadlocks on white girls, and floral dresses, and sequins, and gold shoes and looots and lots of Vans sneakers that makes this fashion week somewhat relatable) New York Fashion Week hence the street style that comes with it is over as of today. Throughout these 7 days I saved around 450 photos of street style and managed to narrow it down to 120 best looks in case you are as tired as me jumping through one website/instagram account to the other just to catch up. Enjoy, take some rest before the London craze starts oh and one more thing, IS EVERYONE PREGNANT NOW?

Big Apple, Bigger Style

New York fashion week ended on thursday when my blog was down for some unknown reason and I was having the biggest tech crisis since 2010, when a trojan entered my computer from an online dictionary website – the day before I was supposed to submit my thesis – popping out nude ladies everywhere and shutting down my computer every now and then (it didn’t erase my hard drive, if you’re wondering, but the panic I felt probably cost me 10 years of my life) so I couldn’t do the closure post I had in mind. I am leaving that NYFW review to some time next week but I had to do a “best of” of new york fashion week street style post very quickly because I’m sure I will be even more impressed from London. Without a single doubt, Leandra Medine won the style wars round New York whereas colorful furs and black & white shoes (get them here & here) got the award for the most covetable trend. Honest opinion: streets were much …