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Through a Window Pane

I always stand true to what I believe in. If I made a post promoting track soled creeper loafers and oxfords, I’m going to embrace it even though it means telling my husband for the hundreth time that I’ve spent our money on a pair of shoe that he’ll, yet again, very much hate. That’s the spirit you’d want in a shopaholic. . Grid print pants H&M (similar here & here) . Black wool biker jacket H&M (similar here & here) . White loafers with black track sole Zara (similar here & here) .

Milano Advanced

The title stands for how Milano – with its heritage obsessed brands, posh but always kinda dull aura and super classic safe street style choices – reminds me of advanced style. Privilegedly excluding Marni, Jil Sander, Prada and some young brands like No21 and MSGM – Milano has unfortunately became a far less inspirational fashion capital over the years for me. Luckily, there is still a street style scene worthy of a hope to be cherished. 60 best looks from Milano Fashion Week to feed your sartorial appetite.

London Baby!

To share the enthusiasm of Joey and celebrate the street style of my favorite city in the world, here are my 45 favorite looks from London fashion week. If you want a shortlist of what you may expect: Stella McCartney knits, Céline knits, Burberry dresses, Burberry capes, flat oxfords, flat sandals, flat loafers, more culottes, under the knee skirts and one particularly exquisite Marni ensamble from Leaf Greener.

Know Your Slit

I don’t know if there was ever a phase in life where slits were out, but they sure as hell in this fall in New York. Fashion week has started and from the first looks at the street style scene what caught my eye the most are the deep slits of skirts (no matter how you style them) hand in hand with fringes, oxford flats, below the knee skirts and peplum layerings.

Fall Comes Through Stockholm

Within the vast of Leila Yavari’s super fluid monochrome knits, Camille Charriere’s sheep’s eyes and camel ensembles & fashion folk’s general tendence to Acne sneakers and oversized sweaters; fall had officially arrived into our world through Stockholm fashion week. It’s so weird – as much as I claim to be a summer girl who lusts after sunlight 10 months of the year, my fashion sensible heart always belongs to fall. Which also explains why I go bankrupt every September.