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Black maxi top Vintage (similar here & here) // white wide leg trousers Mango (similar here & here) // single earring Zara (similar here & here) I’ve found the top that literally goes well with everything. Cropped top and a maxi kimono together is like the king of 2 in 1, freakin unbelievable. BTW two days after I bought it I found a weirdly similar one at H&M (which made me a little mad, I don’t like it when I see the design of one of my special, one of a kind vintage finds in mass market) can’t link it but check out your local store I’m sure you can find it. Get it and I’m telling you, you’ll wear the crap out of it. .

Severusly Black

Dark grey coat Choies // black mohair sweater dress H&M // leather trousers ASOS // black patent booties Zara I did it! I wore all black. It was so black that I very much resembled Severus Snape everytime I didn’t smile, which was not pleasant. Sure he’s a big hero and our favourite character but let’s be honest, he’s not a looker. Mental note: next time try wearing your hair up, not wear black trousers under a black dress and maybe choose a coat that doesn’t look like a witch cape. Oh wait though, all my coats look like witch capes. .

The Coat

black sweater Zara // olive coat with faux fur collar H&M // black jeans H&M // pony hair booties Choies First of all it’s official, I can’t wear all black. Second of all, who needs all black when you have the perfect moss green – khaki long biker coat? Actually you know what, I think this coat needs all black because I can’t seem to be able to wear it with anything else… Do I care? No. Did I attack someone and kick her out of my way when I first saw it, get so excited and buy size 34 without trying and it turned out to be too big? Yes. Did I find the size 32 at my next H&M trip before I can return the other one back and buy size 32 too (what if that had been sold out before I could come again?!) so conseqently did I live with two of these for quite some time? Yes. Did I return to the store couple of weeks later only to find out …

B and W

_______________________________ _______________________________ Sundays are my favourite day for blogging; not only because it’s easier to create sunday’s post on saturday morning but because it’s the day I myself surf the web – therefore get visually inspired the most. So I thought I should dedicate my favourite day to my (and I’m sure millions of other people’s) favourite color combo: black & white. Let it be for interior, an outfit, a pattern, a collection, a painting or even a book – these 2 colors (which according to some sources are not actual “colors”) are usually worth all alloys. It’s the simplest, the classiest, the sexiest and the strongest; let’s celebrate this cold and rainy summer sunday with the best contrast in the world. To monochrome!

It Rains and Rains

I’m a woman and of course I am exaggerating. It doesn’t rain and rain all the time, it just rained for a few days – which is more than reasonable for May – but I get cranky everytime I see a grey cloud. Cue the misery song: All the curly ladies, all the curly ladies – Oh, oh, oh… To make matters worse I can not cut my damned long (for me) and unshaped hair because for the wedding it will be the longer the better. But I promise you on June 9th it will turn into a bob again – which will let me leave them curly without any problem. Last but not least, I could FINALLY get my hands on an American Apparel white nail polish (topped with a matte coat) and I LOVE it! It’s a nice change and a remarkable transition from the dark winter nails to the overly bright summer shades.