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Best of Bridal Fall 2018

Yes, I got married more than 4 years ago. Yes, almost all of my friends (who were supposed to get married) got married. No, I’m not looking forward to having another wedding (maybe a small one to celebrate our 5th year?) and no, none of my friends asked me for advice or listened to me when I told them my opinions (because a wedding dress is an extremely personal purchase and your mom liking it is always more important than your blogger friend liking it). Having said all those things, nothing stops me from following bridal fashion weeks, lusting after beautiful gowns and dreaming about how I’d look like in one of those. Maybe I can wear one to a gala someday? Like Jennifer Lawrence, no? Just look at these beautiful dresses, 45 of them to be precise, and tell me you don’t want to wear them, even just for a little bit, around the house.

Best of Bridal Fall 2017

Another bridal fashion week has come and gone with gowns making me resent every single choice I made at my wedding and my only consolation is the fact that I didn’t have the time or the money to get or have tailored any of these dresses. But if you are a future bride (don’t have to have a prospect, I started my dream wedding dress folder years before and helped many brides ever since) here are the 60 best bridal looks for fall weddings of 2017.

Houghton Bridal Fall 2016

Fashion month might have ended, but Bridal fashion week kicked off not two days after the PFW finale, and I – somehow – managed to keep up. My favorite so far has been Houghton, as it’s of course the most whimsical of all the collections. A MOD vibe replaced the usual overwhelming 70’s bohemian style of the brand and even though I wouldn’t wear them personally, it’s a nice change of pace in the bridal industry.

Johanna Johnson Bridal 2014

If you thought for one second that the world’s obsession with 20’s inspired fashion or my obsession with wedding gowns are over, you were sadly mistaken. Looking at my very own wedding dress it’s no surprise that everytime I see an off white satin gown, I stop what I’m doing and start examining what’s infront of me. But Johanna Johnson took it to another level, executing the Gatsby glamour perfectly with her slinky gowns completed with art-deco details some of which look so regious that they are more (or equally – depending on the wedding) suitable  for a red carpet. Damn you actresses and not-married-yet women!