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50 Best Wedding Looks From Bridal Spring 2017

I’m going to be assertive about something: this summer, no one has more (really close) friends getting married than I do. I don’t know what the hell happened that made them all decide to tie the knot the exact same year and make me go bankrupt or miss some weddings I absolutely dread missing, but it happened. So now I feel like it’s more than just a blog post when I write about bridal stuff and even though most of them already bought their dresses, they’re still %100 more into anything wedding related. Long story short, here are my favorite 50 dresses from the Bridal Spring 2017 collections, for those who are getting ready for the big day and those who just like to look at pretty white gowns.

Kavier Gauche Papillon D’Amour

In one of the episodes of How I Met Your Mother, season 1, Lily says something that %90 of cool girls around the world think at one point before their wedding. As she is looking for the perfect gown, right before she destroys an $8,000 dress by sitting on a cake, she describes exactly what she wants: Nothing too huge or poofy. I’m not really a girlie girl. But I would like to look like a beautiful princess. Now this is supposed to be a funny line in a comedy show but I for one know exactly what she’s talking about, and if you can’t be sure what that is, it’s Kavier Gauche‘s Papillon D’Amour collection. Contemporary shapes, outrageous fabrics and unconventional but graceful designs adorned with butterflies, sometimes styled with contrasting elements such as wool sweaters or asymmetrical cardigans: understated elegance for the edgy bride.

Best of Barcelona Bridal Week 2016

I wasn’t over the fact that there actually is a bridal fashion week yet and then came a Barcelona bridal week, I guess the designers just weren’t satisfied enough of my despair swooning over wedding gowns I’ll never get to wear or even dream of wearing (already married gal here). One bullet I’m glad I’m dodging though, there seems to be a shirt collar on wedding dresses trend going on which is possibly the worst thing you can make me wear, I can’t even wear shirt collared shirts – I either cut them, hide them or open my cleavage so wide that they are not visible anymore. On my wedding gown, no thank you. Everything else, yes please.

She’s A Super Girl

Alberta Ferretti Bridal 2015 Safe space here guys, you can confess how you listened to Super Girl from Reamonn over and over again when you are upset about something. Or how speechless you were when you saw Gwyneth Paltrow in that Tom Ford white caped gown at 2012 Academy Awards no matter how mainstream it is to hate her. What these two things have in common? The supergirl feeling you get from capes will turn you into a super bride in 2015. Chiffon, lace, structured – a seperate piece or part of the dress and maybe even with a hood; baby don’t mind how they come. Bridal capes are especially perfect for fall and early spring weddings.

Catherine Deane Bridal

Continuing the endless countdown of “where the hell were these wedding dresses (especially the one above) when I was looking for one” reproval: this saturday with London based Catherine Deane and her breathaking Omelia gown. Born in Ireland, raised in South Africa and inspired by living in London and Hong Kong; you can sense the cultural diversity of the designer in her style: traditional techniques with a modernist twist, simplicity with a romantic feminine touch – a witty balance of textiles, details and even shading colors. Brides of 2015, you got this.