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The minute I saw these culottes I knew I had to have them. It was one of those should I have them or should I have them moments, just a matter of time. The name Bambi upsets me a little but I’ll get over it. Perfect lenghth, perfect print, perfect fabric – only not the perfect climate and city to live with it. Luckily I still have a couple of days left, and maybe with combat boots in winter? Yes. . Black long ribbed asymmetrical sweater Zara (similar here & here) . Bambi print culottes Topshop (similar here & here) . Black mules Zara (similar here & here) .

It’s Official

White wool sweater Zara (similar here & here) // black asymmetrical pleated skirt Zara (similar here & here) // black Converse All Stars // black leather backpack Onna Ehrlich // sunglasses Spitfire As much as I try to deny it and prove otherwise, fall has officially arrived. In fact it arrived to Canada mid-August but I’m talking about a real humane climate – if it’s fall in Turkey, it’s fall everywhere. Though I very much enjoyed wearing my beloved new huge wool sweater even after the sun came out which is ridiculous since I’m gonna have to wear it for the next 12 months of Montreal winter. .


Black maxi top Vintage (similar here & here) // white wide leg trousers Mango (similar here & here) // single earring Zara (similar here & here) I’ve found the top that literally goes well with everything. Cropped top and a maxi kimono together is like the king of 2 in 1, freakin unbelievable. BTW two days after I bought it I found a weirdly similar one at H&M (which made me a little mad, I don’t like it when I see the design of one of my special, one of a kind vintage finds in mass market) can’t link it but check out your local store I’m sure you can find it. Get it and I’m telling you, you’ll wear the crap out of it. .


Brushstroke print top H&M (similar here & here) // khakis StyleNanda (similar here & here) // white pumps with black captoe Zara (similar here & here) Hey guys, for those of you who have been – trying to – comment on my posts for the past couple of weeks but couldn’t see it on the page or get a reply from me: all of your comments were in the spam folder for some unknown reason, so sorry about that. I fished them all out and hopefully it won’t happen again so comment away, I always love to hear what you think! .


Ivory tailored vest H&M (similar here & here) // black camisole top Topshop (similar here & here) // black jersey asymmetrical wrap  skirt Zara (similar here & here) // black sandals Zara (similar here & here) BTW forget about the vest; I’ve found a magical recipé to (looking like you have) long, lean legs. You take one ounce of an asymmetrical wrap skirt that covers one of your legs all the while baring the other one all, add a drop of drape detail to prevent the stretchy jersey fabric from looking tacky, season with a summer vest if you have wide thighs like mine and serve with an elongating pair of pumps or sandals. Fair warning: it’s gonna be hard to go back to flats after this. .