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Millie + Lou

This year I’ve become one of the ambassadors and insiders of Etsy Canada, which quite frankly was a no brainer for me the minute I got invited. I spend I don’t know how many hours every day on Etsy looking for handmade home accents or vintage clothes and furniture that I already felt like an honorary Etsy insider anyway. What changed is now I’m more focused on Canadian Etsy shops and this shift of focus made me discover some amazing boutiques – like the incredible Millie + Lou. This Vancouver based Etsy gem focuses on one of a kind reworks, which means they only use vintage items and recycled textiles for their garments and then use heat transfer techniques to create unbelievable prints on said garments, resulting in one of a kind artwork like ethical clothes. I now own many items from them, but this white denim jacket with an Alexander Calder inspired print at the back has to be my favorite. I really don’t know if I’m cool enough to pull it off but …

Slow Down The Fashion

Lately I’m all about (or trying to be all about) slow fashion rather than high street. For years we were taught it either has to be luxury or cheap and any designer who tried to do something in between – luxury basics, handmade goods, ethical fashion – were doomed. Luckily consumers started turning their faces to the good side, appreciating the value of design and quality for the price they actually deserve, and new wave bloggers and influencers play a big role in this change. I hardly ever enter Zara anymore (I still shop there every now and then, but compared to how much I used to buy before it’s almost nothing), only check H&M for accessories and couple of trendy pieces every season and I don’t even pass by other high street retailers. Now I buy one slow fashion item instead of buying 10 of the knock off and my wardrobe has become so much more refined and of quality lately. One of the hardest parts of shopping slow though is the custom tax …

Beaufille S/S 2016

Beaufille is the literal pride and joy of not only Toronto but the entire Canadian fashion scene; besides talents like Erdem Moralioglu and Thomas Tait starting here but spreading their wings in London, there aren’t any other remarkable, world class Canadian designers out there. For this retro-futuristic spring/summer 2016 collection, sisters Parris and Chloé Gordon relied more on their intuition rather than deducting from a concept, giving seasonal trends such as eyelet and big flares a go with their own voice. My personal favorite of the duo is still the f/w 2015 collection though, but that may just be because I’m a fall girl.

Beaufille F/W 2015

Nothing gives me more pleasure than making a post about the awesome new collection of a Canadian brand I love and admire so I’m starting my saturday very happy thanks to Beaufille. Formerly named Chloe Comme Parris, Beaufille is a young Toronto based brand of sisters Chloe and Parris Gordon. Just like the subtle juxtaposition of the name (which means handsome girl in French) the duo giftedly piece their opposite views and expertise together; hard and soft, masculine and feminine, heavy and free, cool and chic. Designed with a care free, low maintenance woman in mind, the designs reflect the sense of practicality of Toronto which means every piece could easily and immediately enter your lust list. Styling of course is key, answering to fashion world’s ever growing fancy towards neutral, laid back, artsy loft (or gallery) shootings, they came up with an all around pinnable collection. My favorites? Super deep V neck knits and jewelry designer Parris’ bandana shaped chokers that complement each other and of course buckled wrap skirts.


Brushstroke print top H&M (similar here & here) // khakis StyleNanda (similar here & here) // white pumps with black captoe Zara (similar here & here) Hey guys, for those of you who have been – trying to – comment on my posts for the past couple of weeks but couldn’t see it on the page or get a reply from me: all of your comments were in the spam folder for some unknown reason, so sorry about that. I fished them all out and hopefully it won’t happen again so comment away, I always love to hear what you think! .