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When It Becomes So Very Hot

Like really hot, its time to open your belly with a loose cropped tee so air can flow inside you hot. Maybe it was not the smartest decision to wear pants, but its June – i don’t want to get THAT naked so soon! Besides I am in love with all kinds of printed trousers, so any excuse to wear them. These ones are from Topshop, my cropped tee is American Apparel and my coral perforated sandals are from Oysho. BTW I really do have pinkies on both feet, I just get a lot of wounds and bruises on my feet in summer therefore band-aids become a part of my body. (FYI I know that the background is exactly the same as before eventhough I told you before that I’ve moved, but I am back home for the weekend. Unfortunately it is impossible for me to take outfit pictures where I work right now, but hopefully I will figure it out too.)

Flowers in the Window

I have been struggling with a terrible flu ever since I came back from Paris, couldn’t move out of my bed let alone my house for the entire weekend. Luckily I got over it (pretty much) quickly and I went out today to meet my friends, one of whom just got back from the obligatory military service. Shivery nights, sneezing waaaay too much resulted in me covering up every little bit of myself, but I wanted to add some joy – hence my favourite H&M floral trousers. I can literally wear them everyday, everyday!