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Ganni Fall 2018

It’s a tale as old as digital age; Toronto and Drake, LA Lakers and Jack Nicholson, Copenhagen and Ganni. It’s one of those things that makes it what it is, and Ganni managed built its audience increasingly over the past years with the help of Instagram, crazy cool Danish girls followed by crazy cool girls everywhere around the world. They are the main reason Copenhagen is a superstar on the fashion calendar now and they are successfully walking the asymmetrical, printed road ACNE paved for them. Structured effortless is my favorite style code, and they nailed it more than ever in this Fall 2018 collection.

By Malene Birger Spring 2016

Copenhagen Fashion Week which happens right before the crazy fashion month is always a good stretch before the craze begins; as if amazingly stylish Danish women striding through the streets with their bikes isn’t inspiration enough, there is always a collection that gets you in the mood of the new season. Danish favorite By Malene Birger is that collection this year, with head to toe knits boosting an easy and feminine sophistication.