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Best Street Style Looks of CFW Spring 2018

I know I’ve been neglecting the blog to a point where social services may take it away from me until I prove I can still be a good and responsible parent to it; I apologize to anyone who actually cares about it. BUT, even with all the moving/vacation craze, I wouldn’t (couldn’t) miss Copenhagen Fashion Week: my favorite of all non-major fashion weeks. The street style is as unique as the runway itself, crazy vibrant and always inspiring; makes you want to wear color over color. Even worse, makes you want to look forward to Autumn!

Best of Copenhagen FW Street Style

I have a (bucket) list of cities I want to visit since 2010 that I’m trying my best to cross off as I age and I have another list of cities which are trying their best to make me go nuts as I postpone visiting. Where they overlap? Copenhagen. Besides every other wonderful thing I’ve heard about the Danish capital, the fashion scene is getting more insane every single year. Sure, my inferiority complex would reach its peek (both figuratively and literally, a 5’3″ girl doesn’t stand a chance in Scandinavia) but I’m willing to risk therapy after seeing all these amazing street style looks from Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Pre-inspiration Board

Berlin, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Kiev, Paris (couture) and New York (menswear) were *some of* the cities that hosted fashion weeks during the month of January (and a little bit of February) and hand in hand they eventually provided us with a lot of serious pre-fashion month winter street style inspiration. Lessons learned: colorful furs, long overcoats, cropped pants, classic blue jeans, Chanel and Celiné heels & Gucci loafers are in as ever but the bomber jackets are literally having the time of their lives.

Bikes & Danes

If someone ever asks you, as a trivial question, when and where biking became a permanent part of fashion, or more accurately fashion weeks, the answer is 2015 Copenhagen. Sure Bill Cunningham is inseparable from his bike or Catherine Baba can’t be thought of without her bicycle but it has never been this crazy before. Almost every attendee had a bike no matter how high their heels were and it made my “not being able to ride a bikeness” a lot worse. Copenhagen fashion weeks always make me feel inadequate in so many ways. Speaking of which, here are some amazing street style looks from Copenhagen Fashion Week Spring 2016 guaranteed to make you jealous.

Go Scandinavia

Speaking of Scandinavian coolness, this time looping in Stockholm too, the showgoer folks killed it these past 2 weeks during fashion weeks. Check out 60 best streetstyle looks from SFW and CFW, all of which can be superb inspiration for your winter style. Me, not so much. All I can do is to dream about looking like this in April, maybe? And while we are at it, how gorgeous are the ACNE boots above? Get them here before they are sold out completely.