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Best Street Style Looks of Paris Couture Spring 2018

I remember the time when haute couture fashion week was my least favorite in terms of street style scene because everyone felt the need to dress accordingly and some of them looked like they ran out of their *very* fancy prom. Then, after a couple of years, they luckily realized that they don’t actually have to dress “couturesque” to attend the shows and finally we started getting some real inspiration. Now, together with Scandinavian fashion weeks, it’s a lovely stop right before fashion month. Here are some of my favorites!

Haute Style de la Rue

I remember the days when haute couture collections didn’t require a fashion week frenzy, when only the people working in the industry knew the dates of the shows. And those (mostly) dresses showcased on the runways were just like scenes out a fantasy for most people, even objects of mockery for the non-fashion folk. Nobody seem to understand what HC is for other than red carpet events and galas. Then came the age of street style, and those impossible dresses started to adorn the real women on real streets in between shows (though it’s safe to count streets of Paris somewhat magical) and everything became more fun. To me, wearing a couture gown on a regular weekday morning is ten times more fairy tale-y than Kate becoming Princess Catherine, so here I share with you my favorite street style looks from Paris Fall 2015 Couture Fashion Week.

Sandal Du Jour

On today’s episode of shoes that are ugly as and can be worn in many different even uglier ways, I present you Céline Spring /Summer 2014 tie up sandals or as I’d like to call them, the caterpillars. And just like any other ugly shoe Phoebe Philo introduced to our world, we should jump on the train before it leaves for good. Can’t afford / find Céline ones? Kurt Geiger has an awesome alternative that you can buy here.

Rue de la Haute Couture

My name is Elif and as much as I like to bash it while chit chating with fashion friends, I am addicted to street style. Moreover, even though I claim that I appreciate “real” street style more, I freak out over fashion week street style photos. Especially during couture weeks, which come right after men’s fashion week, it’s a heaven for me. Paris only, industry insiders only, real style and luxury at its best. (Almost) No overstyled fashion vultures, all you need to know and see are in the details.