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Bikes & Danes

If someone ever asks you, as a trivial question, when and where biking became a permanent part of fashion, or more accurately fashion weeks, the answer is 2015 Copenhagen. Sure Bill Cunningham is inseparable from his bike or Catherine Baba can’t be thought of without her bicycle but it has never been this crazy before. Almost every attendee had a bike no matter how high their heels were and it made my “not being able to ride a bikeness” a lot worse. Copenhagen fashion weeks always make me feel inadequate in so many ways. Speaking of which, here are some amazing street style looks from Copenhagen Fashion Week Spring 2016 guaranteed to make you jealous.

Nordic Blood

Is the only reasonable explanation to the impeccable coolness and never ending legs of these ladies. I mean we already knew Pernille, Elin, Columbine… and so on but Copenhagen Fashion Week shows us that they are the tip of the iceberg. The best thing about the street style scene of CFW was to see gold getting perfectly blended with good old b&w, which is my favourite complement to the color duo. And of course trench coats over EVERYTHING and sure, flats, because who needs heels when you have 6 feet long stork legs. I am not jealous.