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Best of 2016 Emmy Awards Red Carpet

If it wasn’t for Claire Danes, or maybe Sarah Paulson, I would have been writing about some fashion week stuff right now instead of this post. I know Emmy Awards is the least exciting red carpet event in the world which is why I always choose NFL over it and catch up with it later (awkward E! interviews don’t help either) but this time I couldn’t even find inspiration for my next wedding outfit, I gotta say. All that money, stylists at your doorstep, god given looks and this is the best you can do? I can choose 5 different gowns on sale right now that would be a better choice than what some of these women were wearing, but I owe it to a handful of gals who deserved to be praised, so here is my best dressed list of the 68th Emmy Awards.


66th Emmy Awards Red Carpet

Lizzy Caplan in Donna Karan Actually the reddest red carpet of all red carpets since the Valentino Garavani retirement runway. I don’t know if there was a memo or something but got weird last night at Emmy Awards. One after another everybody appeared in red gowns which made me admire the blue and white dresses even more. Click through to see all the looks from the night: the best, the worst and the annual boringsters.

65th Emmy Awards Red Carpet

I am going to start a campaign to raise money for the “bring either Gwyneth Paltrow or Cate Blanchett to TV” fund or I’m going to die from the stuffiness of the next Emmy Award red carpet. The fact that the most talked about event of the night being Claire Danes’ faux bob or 13 year old Kiernan Shipka being the best dressed of the night (in a floral Delpozo dress) explains a lot, I think. Lots of boobs, lots of mermaid tails, lots of bows and frills; and a clear color card with rose and ice blue as winners. Anna Faris was the only person who opted for a bright yellow gown, and she managed to ruin it with her horrible hair and make up choice. I mean, after a night where January Jones (yes, January Jones) looked implausibly flabby in a nude Givenchy (yes, Givenchy!) gown and the worst dressed of the night was Amanda Peet in Erdem (yes, she somehow managed to make Erdem look like a bad victorian play costume) I …