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Out of Line

Anthony Vaccarello Fall 2015 Now this is not a beauty trend I’m going to encourage you to include in your daily makeup routine or even for night time, but it obviously is a trend for fall 2015 and at least it’s an amazing excuse for your ruined eyeliner looks. Let it be a brushstroke at haphazard, upward facing liner, mirror eyelashes on your eyelids, harry potter streaks of lightning around your eyes or even the look you get when you scratch your eye out whilst wearing eyeshadow; the lines on/around/under your eyes should be out of line this fall. Intentionally.


I can’t tell you how glad I am that the only make up technique I know (and can apply on myself) is now the biggest beauty trend of the season: the cat eye. To your surprise, it’s not as hard as the common opinion, especially with gel eyeliners or thick brushes. But since I have oily skin + eyelids, there is only one (yeah you read that right, only 1) eyeliner in the world that stays on my face all day: Dior Style liquid eyeliner, which to my luck – of course – is really liquid and comes with the thinnest paint  brush. I can say that I pretty much mastered it over the years, however I can’t say that it’s the best option for beginners. For my night time make up, I prefer MAC gel eyeliner applied with a seperate angled brush (to give it a more panda eye effect) and use a black eye shadow on top of it to soften the look into a smoky eye. I personally never tried different styles …