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Best of Coachella 2017

I’ve given up on indie-rock-pop music festivals approximately 2 years ago when I had the worst time at Osheaga and realized I was the only one bored because I was the only one there for the music (and was not high) and didn’t care at all about how I looked. Ever since the first time I went to a rock music festival (I was 17) I’m all about “Will I be able to pee comfortably in this?” “Will I get sunburns in this?” “Is there enough space in my tent for this?” “Will my feet hurt in this after 15 hours standing up?” so girls in flower crowns and white crochet dresses with sandals or boys showing off their six packs in trucker hats that attend the entire festival (whereas I buy tickets to only the days I’m interested in) but have no clue about the music started to freak me out. I’m still attending rock festivals where we dance and jump in dust all day and eventually sleep in our car at night, but …

Best Of Coachella 2016 Style

Festival style is a sensitive issue for me. I have to mediate the battle between the fashion girl in me that cherishes every opportunity to dress up and the music girl that has been going to festivals since she was 18, wearing chunky sweaters and ugliest pair of jeans in her wardrobe just to be comfortable. Frankly I dressed up better than that for my festivals after that, but my quest for comfort and never looking too dressed up in the presence of sacred rock n roll never wavered. Which is why combat boots or sneakers paired with denim shorts and oversized tees is still my favorite look among a sea of fringes, floral crowns and white mini dresses. The only fancy looks I like lately are the ones with crochet tops and skirts, that’s my limit. So here are 45 best looks of Coachella weekend 1, with nobody wearing high heels and EVERYBODY wearing chokers.