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Hello September

I am just so meaninglessly happy that September has arrived. Definitely the best month of fashion + the weather FINALLY gets colder, plus its the month doing the honours to my dad’s birthday, my boyfriend’s birthday and our anniversary. Chicken dancing, moonwalking, whatever you call it – i’m doing it. Floral top & gray trenchcoat H&M, shorts used to be some black skinny jeans that I don’t wear anymore so now they are shorts, white heels Zara and bag Topshop

The Brown Rule

Despite the objections of my father believing that brown could only go with another brown or cream, I wore my beloved brown Zara wooden sandals  under black & white floral and gray. Shocking them even more with its 5 inch heels, I was more than happy to have found the perfect brown shoes. The pants are also from Zara – so thin perfect for summer – tee is American Apparel, necklace Urban Outfitters, ring Topshop, worm cuff Mr.Kate, leather rope bracelet (and the lovely pictures which you won’t be able to see for some time because he is going back to Montreal) are gifts from my boyfriend.

Flowers in the Window

I have been struggling with a terrible flu ever since I came back from Paris, couldn’t move out of my bed let alone my house for the entire weekend. Luckily I got over it (pretty much) quickly and I went out today to meet my friends, one of whom just got back from the obligatory military service. Shivery nights, sneezing waaaay too much resulted in me covering up every little bit of myself, but I wanted to add some joy – hence my favourite H&M floral trousers. I can literally wear them everyday, everyday!

A Not so Versaillesy Outfit

I love the crazy weather of Europe, making hysterical temperature swings from 10 degress to 30 degrees, then 15 the next day. Anyways, a beautiful sunny day in Paris is cue to a day trip to Versailles, especially if no one in the family has seen it before. I can’t feel my legs, or my feet, or my tushy; but it was worth it. Especially the gardens, the wisteria. It is the peak of all tourist activities in the world, but I made a promise to myself – last 3 days are all walking & shopping.

Paris Jour 1

I call the first day of foreign trips the useless day, always ending up walking around purposeless trying to shake the extreme tiredness but always failing. This day was no exception. We walked through Opéra all the way to Louvre, Pont Neuf, Jardin des Tuileries to Champs-Élysées for hours. It wasn’t anything I haven’t seen before but still, I repeat, Paris is always a good idea. Excusez moi for the vacant eyes and horrible smile but I haven’t slept for more than 24 hours! And I have no idea why the hell I am still up making this post.