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NOvember is Here

What is “sweet” or “movember” for other people is simply NOOOOvember for me, always have been – always will. It’s a useless month without anything to celebrate (I’m not American so forget about thanksgiving) and is only there to remind you that there is a 6 month long cold darkness ahead of you. The only upside is it gives you couple of days, like a parole, to wear your sweaters without coats, boots without tights or coats without down in them. . White turtleneck sweater ZARA (very similar here & here) . Grey wool midi pencil skirt with faux fur trim PERSEPHONE VINTAGE (similar here & here) . Grey woolen drape fall coat (worn around the waist) VINTAGE (similar here & here) . Black laceup wedge booties ZARA (similar here & here)   .  

On Track

White ribbed sweater Zara (similar here) // grey textured peg pants ASOS (similar here & here) // black sandals Zara (similar here & here) // black tote H&M (very similar here & here) // sunglasses Spitfire I understand now what I couldn’t understand before; sweaters with sandals, coats with bare legs and all of the other quirky combinations of clothing are what you end up doing when the weather is a little schizophrenic: rainy but hot hours after a terribly cold morning with sunshine. PS: after using a small satchel for decades, I literally couldn’t fill my new tote. It’s empty. .

Fifty Layers of Grey

Grey being the dominant color of a winter season is not news worthy alone, I know. But 2, 3 or 4 layers of – sometimes same sometimes different shades of – grey stands alone in the crowd and instantly becomes the hit of the runway and my heart. Why? Because if there is anything better than white or black, it’s grey. And if there is anything better than 1 layers, it’s many of them. The formula goes: turtleneck thin cotton shirt + sheer long dress or midi skirt + cable knit sweater + trousers and/or tights + coat + scarf. Shoes are a bonus.

Go Home Spring, You’re Drunk

Because there is no other explanation for this freakishly cold but sunny sunday (which is actually the last one of May) – so it’s not even spring anymore, it’s basically summer. I’ve always wondered when exactly women (the ones we see on street style blogs, in magazines, whom we pin to our boards over and over again) wear coats with sandals, I see it now. You can say I’ve reached a whole new level of climate dressing – also because I put away all my sweaters at a moment of fever pitch at the end of April when I thought it was summer for good, so all I have now are my trousers, skirts, tank tops, tees, summer shoes and coats. Things just started to get interesting…