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Braid Me Single

I’ve found that when you are frustrated with your hair because of humidity, dirt or anything else and don’t want to tie up your locks entirely or cover them up with a scarf, the key is to find the piece that annoys you the most (for me it’s usually the hair framing my face on the right hand side) and braid it, tie it back  et voila – you went from bad hair day to a wedding worthy do. Add a swirling bun or hair rings to fancy it up even more, a top bun or a non-perfect asymmetrical finish for a more casual look.

Something In My Hair

The first time I ever tried embedding a scarf into my hair routine was when I was 9 with super short hair and all I wanted to do was to be able to braid my hair. The only way to make it happen was to tie a scarf around my head and use it as the third bundle of hair needed for a proper braid (I also did the towel over your head after a bath thing, comb as a huge hair pin thing, necklace as a tiara – the whole shoot). Which is why I’m particularly excited about this new hair trend; using scarves, ropes, beads or even rings to adorn and embellish regular braids and buns and now that have enough hair it should be less depressing than before.

Bang Bang, Fringe is Back

Like every ill-fated woman, I have horror stories about my hair when I was growing up(ish) and a majority of them is around the same idea: trying to grow out my bangs for nearly 5 years after I chopped them off in senior year high school because bangs were about to be ‘in’ and I was one of the first girls in the school to try the new do. Honestly for the first couple of months it was indeed cool, I was the “girl with bangs” but after that it was an emotional roller coaster of ups and downs, I’m going to grow it outs and god it looks awful I have to cut it agains and at the end, when I did manage to grow them, I promised myself that I’d never do it again. And just like every other superficial promise I made to myself, I’m thinking about breaking it now. Why now you ask? Because what Alexa Chung or Zooey Deschanel couldn’t do all these time, Felicity Jones and a parade of …

Ombre is Not Dead

Of all the hair trends that have come and gone, I never thought ombre would be one to stick around this long. Not only it stuck around pretty good and never lost its charm, it actually got way more fun during the journey. Before, I thought that being a dark brunette was a challenge and I found it very hard to look elegant with a blonde ombre – the shade and shadowing can make you or break you. While that fact still is valid, pastel hair tips and dual color options make ombre possible for every hair type. I’m getting mine in two days (check my instagram to see the result, hopefully if it doesn’t turn out to be a disaster) and I encourage everyone to step in 2015 with a bit of hair fun.

Platinum Challenge

Ok first of all I know that the hair above is beyond platinum but it was so freakin beautiful that I had to put it here. Second of all, I’ve never wanted to do anything with my hair more than I want to dye it platinum blonde right now. I hardly believe that it would work on me; a wheat skinned girl with black brows, high cheekbones and a big nose, most probably I’d look just as bad as I did last Halloween with the “Sandy” wig. But I still want to give it a try, so so bad. Two things holding me back: 1) the effort and money that will go into dyeing it every 2 weeks (I’m extremely lazy when it comes to hair) 2) my non-dyed silky hair will be ruined forever. Have you tried it? Do you have any comments or recommendations? Should I give it a go?